Panasonic UT248 Dubai


Panasonic UT248 Dubai- the high-Performance Telephone

After the middle range models, Panasonic UT136 and UT133, it was time for Panasonic to cope with the requirements of ever increasing sound quality and thus after improving the sound quality to a further extent, UT248 was launched into the market. Similar to the KX- UT series, it provides the users with an easy initial setup, a high quality of voice transmission and consumes less power. The differences lie in the increased features and characteristics of the speaker box, audio quality, LCD screen, labelling and some other technological advancements. This advanced model came with higher specifications, improved features and greater user-friendliness.


Features of Panasonic UT248 Dubai Telephone

The features of Panasonic UT248 Dubai are explained below:

1.      A monochrome LCD of 4.4 inches

Increasing the size of LCD, Panasonic has introduced a 4.4 inches LCD in its advanced model UT248, which is a 10 line backlit LCD. The text on the screen is easily readable on the large screen. It enables us to check out the status of the presence of anybody at a glance.

2.      Full Duplex Speakerphone

Increasing the quality of speaker box, in Panasonic UT248, speakerphone has been made supporting “full duplex”. Through this feature, both the parties involved in communication can speak at the same moment while nobody’s voice would be cut out. Thus, you can have smooth and comfortable communications while on a speaker phone. This feature of UT248 has simplified the communication problems that were faced in the earlier models of Panasonic.

3.      Paper Label Free (self- labelling)

Through Panasonic UT248, you can easily display up to 8 flexible function keys where a maximum of 24 numbers can be registered. Numbers are displayed on the LCD screen requiring no paper at all.

4.      Built-in Bluetooth for headsets

Panasonic UT248 allows you to enjoy the Bluetooth feature. You can have the Bluetooth feature for your wireless calls easily by simply using a supported headset.

5.      Supporting the XML customization

You can easily customize the information that will be displayed on the LCD screen and can use it for other purposes. This also enables you to use your Panasonic UT248 the way you like to. You can either use it as an information terminal or as usual a telephone.

6.      A changeable degree stand

You can either fit the angle of the display at 30 or 45 degrees depending upon your requirement.

Business Solutions gave by Panasonic UT248

Panasonic KX- UT series phones Dubai can be utilized in different industries by the combination with peripherals and servers. Some of the industries where you can use the telephone are

  • In the Offices- to conduct the regular telephone work comfortably and setup to the ECO mode if the phone is not in use to reduce the power consumption
  • In contact centers- phone can be used combined with a headset for long call work
  • Government Offices