A Trustworthy Business Communication System in UAE

Microsoft Lync has transformed the combined communication industry, carrying together legacy Microsoft estate in an individual effortlessly identified UI. This can now be integrated with your current phone system.

Microsoft Lync’s innovative technology has given a completely safe and protected communication platform to its users, which shortens the business cooperation.  Lync telephony integration has started to receive great respect in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other areas of the UAE. That’s the reason various businesses are seeking assistance for the installation of Lync technology.

Usability of this system is not somewhat different from the Skype communicator that we normally use for our communication needs. The Lync telephony integration provides more options and features to stay connected with teammates anywhere. This is what makes the system completely user-friendly and ideal for business communication requirements.

Users can easily control their A phones as well as see telephony presence right from within the Microsoft Communicator client or Lync, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office. You can use the Communicator client or Lync as a softphone to drive calls via telephone structure on premise and cloud based Lync combination options are also supported.


Enhanced Output

This particular communication system let the end users get a real combination of instant messaging, telephony business communication and Microsoft presence in an instinctive and unified experience.

The good thing about this is that the Lync client experience always remains steady, and its consumers continue communicating from all of their chosen devices. One of the great benefits of the multi-modal communication using the desktop helps the end users to communicate, connect and cooperate to deliver all the running projects without any delay.

Important Features

Microsoft Communicator client or Lync can enhance the productivity up to a great extent that can be very beneficial for the business development and success. The output can be increased by providing users with enhanced visibility into the availability of a person (for instance; not on a call) and how she or he can be accessed.

Different business concerns and companies operating in UAE want to maximize the revenue in systems by using our innovative and productive integration technologies. Our core purpose is to bring perfectly unified communications into our client’s system through the innovative integration technologies. This way your business get the required level of productivity and effective communication system as well.

If you wish to get the perfect Lync Telephony Integration for your business and operate in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates. The product is designed to bring ease and comfort in lives of people who are looking for the best communication in their business.

One should understand the importance of a reliable and easy communication system in the company. It is often said that communication is a lifeblood of any organization because transmitting data and information through proper channel let the team workers cooperate to achieve common company goals. This is what leads to a successful business organization in any working environment.