Snom IP Phones

Snom Technology AG, the world’s first and leading brand of professional VoIP telephones offer Business Phones, Dect Phones and Conference Phones. Snom making the best business telephones in the world with precise and robust industrial designs, superb audio and high-quality feature-rich software and hardware technologies that address the needs and requirements of successful businesses across the world. The Snom IP Phones is powerful SIP-based VoIP phone also fits easily into modern telephony and unified communications solutions and includes future proofing features.Snom IP Phone advantages include exceptional design, performance and advanced IP communications features, making it a standout compared to other phones in its class.Snom IP Phones are  perfect blend of performance and value.

Snom IP Phones designed an advanced high fidelity audio speaker and microphone system creating excellent phone performance in a busy office environment. The snom phones supports a range of codecs, including wideband audio (including TIA-920 and G.722) for enhanced, high definition, voice quality.