PBX Installation and configuration

Today, however, there are numerous approaches to email, text, buddy, share, video chat, conference-and place a call. This brings tremendous advantage by improving the speed of business.  But it also spawns equally immense complexity. We can handle this complexity by offering highly professional PBX Installation and Configuration. As a company ourselves, we realize how important it’s that the business has a fast, reliable and effective telephone system. Good communication is essential for a business to be successful. Our expertise and nationwide presence help to ensure that we can provide the installation and service support that’s required to help keep up with communication needs of changing business world. Telephone System Dubai offers installation services in many areas to customers who want a qualified Installation Technician to set up their PBX System at their home or office.

If you’re looking for a new office telephone system (also known as a PBX system), we can supply and install a vast range of telecommunications systems to suit every budget.

PABX Installation AbuDhabi - PBX Installation

How our PBX Installation is Different?

We provide pre-sales data collection, project management, full installation, training, and continuing support – making sure that your company can get all of the benefits offered by the features of your new telephone equipment. You will find that our PBX / Telephone systems are incredibly easy and intuitive to use, but our pre-sales and after-sales care will give you that extra bit of confidence.

If you require further information regarding our fantastic, cost-effective telephone systems and PBX installation service, please contact us and one of our friendly project managers will take care of your potential requirements.

Our goal not only consists of providing you with the best telecom system, instead, but it’s also far more consistent than that. We work towards improving your working relationship with your clients. Yes, therefore we provide you with the leading edge communication technology. You can expect to find everything related to communication including IP Phones, IP Telephone System, and even support for these systems. We provide PABX System Installation across UAE, other middle east countries Like and Africa Region.

Our PABX System Installation Services

  • Move and Expand

Now you can adjust the changing needs of your business and your employees by integrated the latest telephony world has to offer. While doing this, you can add more employees, consider your system scalability and even with the mobility of employees.

  • Update and Modernize

Are you sure you are equipped with the right system? It sure works fine at the moment but what about the long run? Are you sure it will help your business to maintain its commitment when it grows? If not then it’s time for system replacement for continuity of your communication commitment. Don’t worry, we help you with this transition while cutting the overall costs.

  • Strategic Integration

Apart from the above mentioned, you can also integrate a phone system with important business phone applications you need for your business’s needs.  Now you don’t have to cope with a slick design and expand as your business grows.

The VoIP Technology turned the Telephone system to keeps you up with the world. The UC functionalities empower your business communication quality and effectiveness. You have the freedom to choose the functionalities of a PABX System installation according to your business needs. We help you to move on to new technologies which really bring advantages to your business model.

Yes, in case if you are having a problem with your communications system, let us know, and we will take care of it. Not to mention, our broad range of products include the top brands, these brands are

  • Dlink
  • Yeastier
  • Asterisk
  • NEC
  • Degum
  • Cisco
  • Yealink
  • Yealink
  • HTEK
  • Gigaset
  • Fanvil
  • RTX
  • Grandstream
  • And many others

Cutting Edge Functionality right out of the box

Apart from the above, we also bring together improving communication with better collaboration tools. Our solutions not only help you with the just basic call, voice mail, and text. Instead, they are also optimized for Fax, email, conferencing and even instant messaging. This makes it easier for you to manage your working employees. Well, thanks to its great features such as taking your extension on the go, these solutions also work with Windows, Android, and even iOS devices.  Moreover, you access such functionalities from the comfort of your laptop.

Plug and Play

Now you can Plugin IP phones and get the gateway to a network, and our solutions will automatically configure them, this will save your breath from taking care of this board yourself. All you need to do here is connect this trunk, and the system will take care of the rest. Our systems are different as they offer easy installation and management along with cutting edge features. This setup takes minutes to set or get virtualized in Hyper V.  With us on your side; you can enjoy the following:

  • Support for Configuration telephones
  • No need of Figuring out tough settings of IP Phone or SIP trunk
  • Interop and Support from end to end
  • Inbuilt Template for easy config of VoIP Providers along with SIP Trunks

Network-wide Management

The telephonic business communication infrastructure we provide you allows easy access to the management of all phones connected to that system. This allows you to have an eye on your workforce that makes it quite easy for you to manage them. Manage all connected IP phones from the Management Console as we deploy the latest firmware on your systems. This makes you do just a mouse click with guaranteed interop with every phone in the system. Also, this also gives you peace of mind when it comes to updating your phone. Now you can upgrade your IP phone firmware easily.

  • Every IP Phone Firmware provided in product range is briefly tested by our technical support team
  • Configure the Advanced IP phones from Console