Benefits of the Avaya Telephone System

Communication has a deep influence on the growth of the business, regardless its size either small or large. The cost is effective and easy to use means of means of communication make a difference between merely surviving and thriving. As a top leading communication provider, Avaya has taken the responsibility to deliver the best communication solution for the user.

In this way, it enables them to perform well due to the excellent services. They offer a perfect communication solution that satisfies the business requirements entirely comes in the budget and evolves all the needs of a large organization in an efficient way.

Avaya is the best option for the standalone system and the integrated multi site organization. Being an effective and authentic telephone system, we offer an incredible productivity of employees along with reduced costs and supreme customer services to the growing business.

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For getting success, organizations are looking for the ways to enhance the productivity in fewer costs. With IP PBX system Dubai, you can boost the productivity and functionality with minimum costs. Through the compelling features of the PBX System Dubai, you can be able to explore new things and resources.

All these factors will help you in raising the output of your business. In the result, you organization will remain competitive as well as be able to respond to demands of the market. IP PBX system Abu Dhabi is responsible for delivering the remarkable services of the large business to the small organization. We assist our clients to avail the conference call in the expenses of mobile/long distance call by eliminating conference call costs. It will help you in handling more calls with fewer people.


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Office Worker

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Mobile Worker

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Power User

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Customer Service

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Advantages of Avaya Telephone System:

It is extremely beneficial for the user to avail Avaya Telephone System because we provide them these facilities along with the efficient system.

  1. Management:

We make possible to deliver high-quality management promptly. We set standards of high-quality and our vision is to provide the safe administration with professionalism.

  1. Mobile Worker:

This is the best telephone system that gives advantages to the mobile worker to keep in touch with the office on their mobile devices.

  1. Productivity:

The user can enhance the productivity of the business due to the installation of the PBX System of communication.

  1. Customer Service:

It is a perfect source to provide the proficient customer service that is the key to the success of the business. We offer remarkable customer services for the greater fulfillment of our respectable customers.


Avaya Telephone System is the sign of professionalism that enables the users to perform their tasks in a proficient way. Our aim is to provide you the items and services that are entirely full of innovation and technology that are effective in producing professionalism.

Features of the PBX system Dubai

The elegant features of the PBX System Dubai are that it is easy to use and simple configuration. These two factors make it an essential communication system for all small organizations. You can raise the productivity of your business and boost up your profit with us. 

  1. We deliver the remarkable support to our users with our seamless efforts. You can avail 32 to 384 extensions on PBX System that is the evidence of our efficiency and a proof of the perfect modular communication system.
  2. It provides a solid support by combining the 32 PBX network with the 1000 subscribers.
  3. Offering a smooth operation is our compelling feature. We provide a hybrid PBX function through 500 v2 technology.
  4. The TDM technology is the responsibility to give the option of the either of two modes or to use of both the modes with the incredible network.

Basic Edition:

It contains modest web-based management interface and built-in voice mail on two channels. The small business up to 20 users segment should attain this version of basic edition. It is specially intended for the organizations that needs traditional small PBX functions. It is the best option for supporting the digital desktop and analog phones. You can upgrade it as the requirement anytime.

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