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An IP PBX, business phone system or unified communication system, a PBX performs as the core transferring system for all phone calls moving through a business. There is often a great hustle and bustle in any business. The telephone system is the core for communication in most of the business.. Therefore, it should be very active and capable of delivering the best performance to everyone from the top to bottom.

A PBX SYSTEM or PBX SYSTEM in a business handles all the internal traffic among stations and also act as a external communication window to the outer world. Getting a reliable IP PBX System in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah , Ajman, Ras Al Kaimah or any other emirates has now become very easy because our service is available throughout the United Arab Emirates or UAE.

IP PBX System

An IP PBX system completely replaces the traditional PBX or a phone system and provides all company workers an extension number, transfer, the capability to conference and dial other colleague’s number. All sorts of calls are sent through data packets threw a data network instead of the outdated phone network.

The existing phone lines can be easily connected to the IP PBX and receive and make phone calls through a regular PSTN line or E1/ PRI line. Rather than using the traditional copper wires that landlines employ, VoIP phone systems use the same NETWORK connection that a company is already using to get online. IP PBX System provide features that previously only large corporations using expensive PBX hardware had access to, such as automated attendants, call queues and computer integration. Voip Telephone System allows voicemails to be sent to email inboxes and laptops, or desktop computers to be turned into “softphones.” Moreover IP PBX systems provide mobile options that give remote workers access to a business’s phone system from their mobile device.

Select your Telephone System with us

There are so many different kinds of telephone systems available nowadays in the Middle East. Therefore, it has become very difficult for a business owner or company to choose the one that works well with the company structure and does not put an extra cost burden.

Some of business persons might not agree, but selecting a telephone system for your business is a very critical decision that should be made with great care and attention. A wrong decision can ruin all of your investment that you could make a trustworthy purchase. One should educate himself about the challenges, benefits, and disadvantages of an IP PBX system. This might consume your time. However, we are here to help if you want someone for sincere help.

One should understand that all the PBX systems available in the market are dissimilar from each other regarding features. We are confident to provide you the best guidance in this regard. Our team will help get installed the best IP PBX system based on the business requirements.

Mobility with IP Telephone System

Mobility features are helping employers show that their employees are always there to take care of their customers’ needs. Whereas previously, employees could use their personal mobile phones to speak with clients when they were away from their desk, IP Telephone system mobility tools allow workers to be reached without having to give out their private numbers when they want to be contacted outside the office.

Telephone System Products

Scalability of the telephony solution

No one can expect the actual growth of his business shortly. However, we are all very inquisitive about our future success goals. It is earnest desire of every business person to see his business growing very quickly. Sometimes company wish to add more employees and realizes that the current telephone system is not just enough to fulfill company’s growing communication requirements. In this type of situation, the employer decides to upgrade the telephone system by spending thousands of hardly-earned bucks.

We are experienced in designing an ideal IP PBX System for your company requirements. Our core aim is to consider your future opportunities and requirements before installing or recommending any telephony system.

PBX / PABX Installation / Maintenance 

PBX Maintenance Contract

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Why select an IP PBX System?

There are several important reasons to select an IP PBX System in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. Some of the important ones are given below:

  • Lower operational costs with the passage of time: It saves your operating costs over time that is ideal for any business. A business is having IP-PBX system normally see lower monthly operating costs particularly for systems having a large number of users.
  • Uses LAN: the IP-PBX based telephone system will exist on your network through the LAN that you have already installed. The PBX server can be kept a few footsteps away so that latency and signaling time is very short. This way the data has not to travel a long way.
  • Simpler Management: The Graphical User Interface of the IP-PBX business is very easy to use when compared to the conventional PBXs. The user can easily make additions or changes when required.
  • Easy to install and configure: proprietary phone systems often create several difficulties for users because they are more cumbersome and very tough to navigate. Their software structure is not an easy thing to understand for common people who are not experienced in their usability. On the other hand, PBXs are very easy to install and configure because of their user-friendly design.
  • Unified Messaging: It offers the ability to get and listen to the message right from the Outlook inbox. Not just the messages, but one can also listen to PDFs of faxes. This is why the communication and productive is increased.
  • Move Phones Effortlessly: Phones can be moved easily just like normal personal computers because they are all IP based. Users can easily move them from one particular connection to the other one as and when required.
  • Remote Extensions: Workers can plug in any well-suited IP phone at household to their web connection and enjoy extension dialing.
  • Branch Offices: Branch offices can also be added to an already existing system and linked through the internet.
  • Price savings by connecting to VoIP suppliers through SIP trunk: Utilizing the SIP Trunking along with an in-house IP-PBX system can connect to lower price VoIP providers; decreasing phone bills, particularly international and long distance calls.
  • More Choices: Big companies are having built-in PBXs now pay attention to the IP connectivity. Other businesses are also building IP-PBXs with lower costs and impartial vendor hardware.

We are the best IP PBX System provider in Abu Dhabi and can help you in recognizing the business communication needs through the telephone systems. We deal in different kinds of communication programs and serve all our customers in the UAE.

Most commonly used brands in the industry include Yeaster, Sangoma, Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, Grandstream, and Avaya. All offer different functionalities based on the user requirement. Our guidance is always available if you are reluctant to pick the best one. Visit our website or go through our collection of telephone systems to decide the best one for your own business requirements. We assure quality product and services all over UAE.

How IP PBX System Dubai is supportive for business

The PBX system is an important part of the business for providing the innovative switching system for efficient phone calls. It has the enough capacity to control the internal traffic and provides the solid platform for incoming and outgoing calls to the users. It is the system that can be managed by assigning the extension numbers to the employees. It can serve the customers in an extremely professional way by arranging the conference calls, transferring and dialing the calls to the colleagues. Data packets send all calls over a data network in the place of the traditional phone network.

The IP PBX system Dubai provides plenty of benefits to the users in many ways due to the extensive functionalities. It is integrated with the expert telephony applications for improving the worth of the business. It uses the IP signals to create the professionalism and the extensive efficiency. It contains the PBX software system as an open source. It is highly cost effective and the efficient system that enables the user to compete with the giant industry. It is one of the best systems that offer an exclusive communication for improving the value of the business.

How to choose the Efficient Telephone:

Purchasing a functional communication system for providing an expert telephony is a challenging task for the majority of the users. It is very challenging to determine which communication system is compelling for the business. You must need to be well-aware of the advantages and the complete functionality of the IP PBX System. Every business needs an extensive communication system for better growth, and the PBX system offers a variety of the compelling features for the user’s benefit. You can be able to take the right decision by knowing the features of the system. An excellent IP telephone system can easily be availed through our remarkable services in the UAE in just a phone call.

How your telephone System is scalable:

It is the system that is designed for the future because it provides the facility to grow your business in the coming year. It is the common fact that users are searching the ways to enhance the business rapidly. In this way, the users can be able to add more employees in the business. It is the system that is integrated for the future. The PBX System Dubai is extremely supportive for the business to boost up the worth of it dynamically.

Having a dialog about the advantages of introducing the phone system in the workplace, the most elite component of this framework is to offer the same voice hotspot for the utilization of all representatives. With a focused correspondence, usefulness for the firm is encouraged with simple call exchanging to each other that helps up the profitability of the business. The user can find it highly effective for because it allows the users to make their clients happy.

Benefits of IP PBX System

  • Using LAN:

It is the system that is based on the network that already exists in your office LAN. The server of the PBX is produced to connect small distance so; it does not travel or functions over the other networks or internet. It uses the LAN of your company.

  • Cost effective:

The most effective benefit that appeals the majority of the users is the fewer costs of the system. It contains high technology of present era and can provide the reduction in expenses of the communication system. We offer maximum functionalities and minimum prices through IP PBX System, Dubai, U.A.E. you can avail a professional operating system at affordable monthly operating cost.

  • Easy installation and configuration:

The compelling feature of the IP PBX System Dubai UAE is beneficial and very easy to use because it contains high-technology in its configuration. The easy installation makes its maximum use simple for the users. The innovation in configuration makes it a competent communication system of the modern time.

  1. Easy to move Phones:

Phones are very easy to move from one connection to the other because it contains IP technology. We provide the facility to our users to avail the billing services on the monthly basis that is easier and convenient for the users.

We provide active and seamless services regarding installation, designs and adjustments of the devices in a proficient way. Our technically skilled team has a vast experience in installations of the devices.