Sangoma Gateway

Sangoma offer critical connectivity platforms for large enterprises, contact centers and mission critical military and government operations.Sangoma’s high-capacity voip gateway devices are suited for contact centers, multi branch offices & enterprise applications. These Voip Gateways is a line of highly reliable IP communications platforms that connect VoIP and TDM networks.With cost-effective redundancy configurations, the sangoma voip gateways meet the stringent availability requirements of service providers as well as SMB & Enterprise customers.

The Sangoma Gateways serve as a competent junction between VoIP networks, legacy TDM equipment, and also the PSTN. They interwork with many market-leading softswitches, application servers, IP-PBXs, along with other standards-based VoIP elements.

The Vega range allows businesses to bridge the gap between E1/T1/J1 /PSTN and Voice over IP network. VegaStream’s VoIP Gateways provide the perfect answer for IP-based voice services as well as for connecting to service provider broadband access over DSL and cable networks.

Sangoma Gateway Products

Sangoma Gateway Products

Sangoma Vega100G Voip Gateway UAE - Sangoma Voip Gateway
Sangoma Vega200G Voip Gateway UAE - Sangoma Voip Gateway
Sangoma Vega400G Voip Gateway UAE - Sangoma Voip Gateway
Sangoma Vega50 Analog Voip Gateway UAE - Sangoma Voip Gateway
Sangoma Vega3000G Analog Voip Gateway UAE - Sangoma Voip Gateway
Sangoma Vega5000 Analog Voip Gateway UAE - Sangoma Voip Gateway

How we can help you choose your Telephony Products ?

We offers a full-range of Sangoma Dubai products to match with your business communication needs and budget. If you are searching for Voip Gateway, PBX System, Session Border Controller ,IP Phones Asterisk Cards or skype for business solution, we’ve got it covered. We carry all the Sangoma products including Sangoma PBX Appliances, Sangoma Gateway , Sangoma Session border controller, Sangoma Phones and  Sangoma cards.Contact Us today to get best Sangoma Prices found in UAE.

We know that different businesses have diverse needs in phone systems.We have good experience in dozens of Telephone systems and we can suggest the best for a variety of business types. We carry everything, small business want in a telephone system. If you want a normal PABX SYSTEM or a full featured IP PBX SYSTEM we got you covered . We support you with supplying business telephone system and trained IT staff to support and maintain.