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Analysts agree how the Microsoft Lync is easily gaining traction not just as being a Unified Communications platform, but because a complete IP-PBX replacement. The primary launch of Lync squarely aimed at the big enterprise which had an entire staff of Microsoft Certified engineers or partners at their disposal. The complexness of a Lync installation had put implementation beyond the capacity of many SMBs. Complexity was increased whenever a Lync installation was integrated together with the PSTN, through either traditional telephony interfaces or with a SIP Trunk.

Lync supports voice communication between Lync clients, as well as a rich mix of Unified Communications (UC) offerings, including presence, conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard and file transfer. But to create Lync a true PBX replacement, certain important elements should be supplied by outside vendors. With a few additional equipment and system configuration, full PBX functionality, including connection to the outside telephone network, can be done. Using Lync as the corporate PBX can generate the best ROI.Lync already provides presence indication, and helps bring remote workers closer to their colleagues through online collaboration tools such as IM, screen sharing and file transfer. The addition of voice allows them to bring their desk extension to their home office.
For making Lync installations easy, Sangoma created Express for Lync: the only all-in-one Lync/Skype For Business server appliance having a built-in VoIP gateway and Session Border Controller. The appliance is “right-sized” to support installations of up to 1,000 users with all the required software pre-loaded onto the appliance.

Sangoma Lync Express Skype For Business Dubai - Sangoma Lync Express - Skype for Business

Did you know that the PBX System yo know can be entirely replaced by a Microsoft Lync , Skype for Business

Rather than inverst on a dedicated PBX system to the premises, existing infrastructure is leveraged to achieve the same results. Although some Microsoft software licenses may need to be upgraded, this is usually less expensive purchasing and deploying a completely new IP-PBX/PBX solution.

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