Grandstream Voip Gateway

The Grandstream Voip Gateway enables business to integrate traditional telephone system in to voip network.The GXW Series Voip Gateways designed to work on SIP based environments  mostly compatible with leading IP PBX SYSTEMS and soft switches.Grandstream offer analog gateways in the time being and available in both FXS and FXO. Different port configuration like 4 , 8 PORT configuration in FXO and 4,8,16,32,48 PORT configuration in FXS. These easily configurable high quality voip gateways are best suits for most of the business needs.

Grandstream Gateway can be used with Grandstream PBX with ZERO configuration support. It will help you to increase the capacity of FXO ports on the PBX system and thus elimiminating the need for replacing the PBX as your business grows. Also the FXS gateways allow you to use cheap analog phones while enjoying the business friendly features  IP PBX System.More over it can use with any asterisk based system to do the same.

Grandstream Gateway Diagram - Grandstream Voip Gateway

Grandstream Voip Gateway Products

Grandstream FXS Gateway

Grandstream GXW4004 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway
Grandstream GXW4248 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway
Grandstream GXW4224 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway
Grandstream GXW4232 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway
Grandstream GXW4008 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway
Grandstream GXW4216 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway

Grandstream FXO Gateway

Grandstream GXW4104 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway
Grandstream GXW4108 Gateway - Grandstream Voip Gateway

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