How Yealink Telephone Products are Innovative

We are intended to manufacture the cutting-edge devices of the IP phones of incredible quality. All these items are developed for rapid and effective communication for the users. Various features of the devices enhance the functionalities of the devices in many ways. It gives the rapid technical support for boosting up the business with the help of the PBX System Dubai, UAE. We are offering the best telephony solution for the majority of the companies with high-quality services by providing them unified communications solution vendors, IP PBX system, hosted VoIP, and VoIP service providers.

yealink telephones

We have been delivering supreme quality devices of PBX system. We are the most eligible and most dependable devices providers in the wide area of UAE. We started our business to provide the efficient communication system in the presences of the various telephone companies in an impressive way. Now we have a solid foundation that delivers the huge variety of products of the effective telephony system in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Yealink Sip IP Phones

Yealink Sip IP PhonesWe are introducing the devices for your IP telephone system of top leading brands. All these are extremely innovative to render the efficient services for the users. These SIP IP Phone models are available in the wide market of the UAE. We strive for excellence by introducing the modified technology that is integrated with the unique features. These devices are available in all the states of UAE including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm-Ul-Quwwain.

Salient Features of the Yealink Sip IP Phones

The unique configuration of these devices makes them ideal for your business that improves the worth very effectively. All these items are highly exclusive and give the excellent execution due to the incredible technology of the IP PBX System Dubai UAE. These items are admired due to the certain reasons in the market of UAE, and some are given as under.

Yealink SIP T42G
Yealink SIP T41P
Yealink SIP T40P
Yealink SIP T38G
Yealink T32G
Yealink T29G
Yealink T28P
Yealink T27P
yealink t26p
yealink sip t23p
yealink t23g

Other Yealink Product Options

Innovative Technology:

Yealink provide exceptional technology combined with quality and user frindliness. These SIP supported phones supported on all the popular SIP IP PBX as well as properitory platforms that support SIP.

Unique Quality:

The PBX telephony is the best source of the growth of the business in an effective way. It gives the excellent prestige to the organization if use with  high-quality  IP PBX system and IP Phones. Yealink is  one of the top leading organization , have been working in this field for a long time. Yealink  give an expert administration with the flexible and trustworthy environment, in this way, the customer can give the maximum benefit an amazing fulfillment by getting unique quality.

Variety of the IP Phones

Yealink gives an exceedingly lavish quality item and low cost. Yealink is one of the amazing brands is by and large exceptionally requested by the extensive variety of customers. It has been holding up various customers in UAE consistently. Professional outlines and current items are very proficient in delivering the appeal for the clients of this cutting edge period. Yealink Sip IP Phones are the top prominent and driving business put that is working for the style. What’s more now they have secured wonderful products at affordable prices.

Innovative Designs:

Yealink Phones  Dubai UAE carry original and real designs to amuse the clients and enhance the charm of style all around you. You will get the extensive variety of various items and the variety of style and different shades. It will never go out of style and reliably be conventional. The decision of colors and outline will make it diverse to others. Every last piece is composed extraordinarily and intended for exquisite improvement taste. It gives style and design.

 How Yealink Features are Best for Business.

All these features will help you in raising the worth of your business. In the outcome, your association will stay focused and, also have the capacity to react according to the needs of the business sector. We help our customers to benefit these outstanding phones and choose the right model for their business.

It empowers the clients to save money with the utilization of cutting-edge innovation with adaptable IP telephone arrangements. It offers the various telephony applications effectively because of the imaginative innovation. It is the genuine source to attain a revolution in the telecom business because of the capable method of giving benefits to other system applications.

Our key goal is to offer an opportunity to reduce the costs while availing the high-tech services of the IP telephones that is an imperative piece of our administrations. We have the ability to offer an incredible correspondence in light of our amazing administrations, which engages us in offering our items for the advantages of the clients. We introduce the devices of the high configuration, and we collect incredible relationship with our customers. We are resolved to satisfy your needs and giving noteworthy support to your business.

Our decency is our quality work and professionalism. When you need the best and quality items, then you must need to lean toward our low price IP Telephone items. We will talk about every angle with you to verify no inquiry is left unanswered. Our accomplished staff will give you an element administration to make you feel unique.


IP Video Phone Yealink VP530

IP Video Phone VP530

The Yealink VP530 is a further innovation of  advanced, executive-level IP Video Phone. With integrated audio, video and applications, the VP530 is a very powerful business video phone. Its large display and easy use make it an ideal all-in-one tool for today’s busy business leaders, regardless of where they happen to be. With excellent performance and rich business features, the VP530 offers an all-round, face-to-face network experience that allows users to interact and communicate like never before.

Yealink CP860

Yealink CP860 IP conference phone

Yealink CP860 IP conference phone

Yealink CP860 IP conference phone is a faultless excellent  choice for small and medium-sized conference room, seminar the demand for up to 16 people with elective growth microphones.

Yealink Conference Microphone

Yealink CPE80 Expansion Mic

Yealink CPE80 Expansion Microphone

The Yealink CP860 is made with extra expansion microphones, the CP860 is the perfect conference phone for medium to large size conference room that need lengthy attention at the far ends of a conference table. The expansion microphones spread the range of the CP860 by an extra 10 feet correspondingly.


Yealink RT10 Dect Repeater

Yealink RT10 Dect Repeater

The Yealink RT10 DECT Repeater is intended to spread a DECT phone Yealink W52P. Application RT10 surges partial range and recovers reception in isolated areas call the office.

Yealink VC120 Video Conference System

Yealink VC120 Video Conferencing

Yealink VC120 Video Conferencing

The Yealink VC120 is advanced 1080P full-HD video conferencing endpoint for division offices. It is considered to offer ease-of-use, high-quality and cost-effective. To make life cooler still, the VC120 supports a smart firewall transversal which lets users to plug and play with no additional firewall outline from box to work in just 5 minutes. In addition, VC120 also supports bandwidth dynamic adaptive modification, and an 8% fighting packet loss. It is certainly the top choice for business video conferencing.

Yealink VC400 Video Conference System

Yealink VC400 Video Conference System

Yealink VC400 Video Conference System

Yealink VC400 is the advanced video conferencing device which is made for business clients and which relates to nearly every conference room. Combined connection for video calls makes it ideal for business headquarters, letting 4-sided summary of the conference without the need for extra hardware. The system supports H.323 and SIP confirming compatibility with most solutions existing on the market. VC400 comes normal with a remote-controlled PTZ camera with 18x optical zoom.


Yealink W52H Dect Phone

Yealink W52H Dect Phone

The Yealink W52H is an SIP cordless units allow you to spread the numbers of users while providing enlarged elasticity and scalability when used in combination with the SIP-W52P handset and base position.

Yealink w52P

Yealink W52P HD IP Dect Phone

Yealink W52P HD IP Dect Phone

Yealink W52P is an SIP Cordless Phone System designed for small business and SoHo who are watching for instant cost exchangeable but climbable SIP-based mobile communications system. Joining the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony, User can advantage from choice of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking suitability, expert features like intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, PoE etc. This system works with known Broad soft, Asterisk, 3CX and supports rapid and easy alignment.