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Grandstream | A Leading Name in Business Communication & Security

Grandstream is a leading brand in telecommunication and Security.Grandstream is known for its quality and business friendly features.Enjoy Grandstream telephone system with integration support with Grandstream CCTV. There are certain features that make a telecommunication system simply awesome. Grandstream PBX offer great user friendliness along with several communication features that make your conversation a great experience.Grandstream IP PBX  also support  video calls that facilitate your video conferencing and hence add a great value to your business dealings.

Grandstream PBX System

Grandstream PBX Abu Dhabi 1024x350 - Grandstream DubaiIf you have businesses wanting to have a strong and flexible telephone communication system in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, then  can get Grandstream PBX System. There are several important factors that make this telephone system popular among various business concerns.

You might also wish to look at these things. So the features that make Grandstream IP Telephone System business friendly are  are listed below:

  • Lower communication costs
  • Enhance productivity
  • Increase security protection
  • Flexibility in communication
  • Innovation in business communication
  • Suitable for all small and large businesses

Grandstream IP Phones

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It is the core purpose of any business to get the best public attention that is possible through the ideal communication within the company. Grandstream also offers feature-rich IP Phones that increase communication competencies quite conveniently. This is what every business requires to bloom among the competitors. See more about Grandstream IP Phone in IP PHONE Page.

The quality and features make it an exceptionally superb device for business communication requirements. Companies and businesses can also use the CCTV with different models of the Grandstream IP Phones.You can easily select the best possible phone for your business from the entire range of Grandstream phone collection.


Grandstream Voip Gateway

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The Grandstream Analog Gateway allow you to convert legacy telephone connection ,such as PSTN to voip network and Vice versa. GXW IP Analog Gateway Series enables businesses to create seamless office environments, integrate traditional phone systems into a VoIP network and efficiently manage communication costs.Grandstream Voip Gateways available in 4, 8 port configuration in FXO mode and 4,8,16,32,48 port configuration in FXS mode.


Grandstream Conferencing System

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While we are  communicating via text messaging, phone calls, social media and more, the best form of communication is still most often face-to-face, especially when it comes to a business environment. Grandstream offer ground braking Video and Audio conferencing solution that change the way you communicate. Grandstream conferencing System support  high quality video and Audio as well as business friendly features and user friendliness.


Grandstream CCTV

Grandstream CCTV Dubai 1024x348 - Grandstream Dubai

Grandstream presents cost effective SIP supported IP Cameras for all business types. Combined with SIP protocol Grandstream cctv System offer the convenience of integrating with telephony. It will allow the security cameras to be converted as a complete monitoring system with 2 way Audio support. Grandstream Cameras are available in different models and resolution .