Call Center Solution Dubai - Call Center Solution Dubai

Call Center Solution Dubai

If you are going to manage a call center, then you must require a simple phone and inexpensive communication system. We are offering a solution that gives a flexible call recording, archive solution and evaluation for the convenience of the clients. It contains all the compelling features to enhance greater staff flexibility, better reports, and customer services.

We are working with the mission of reducing the risks of communication failure, increasing the process efficiencies and providing the best customer services. Assisting the call centers for the optimization of service quality, liability reduction and improvement in operational effectiveness with solid functionality is our real objective.

We offer high-quality services containing high capacity VoIP and SIP trunking that expands our eligibility. We issue toll-free and DID numbers for contact centers. We support our customers by offering VoIP at the professional level. Our endless services are highly effective due to the innovative technology that we use in the form of SIP and IAX based mobile devices, softphones including eye beam and x-Lite softphone. The users are facilitated with our business class feature of IP Pbx system that includes Asterisk phone system for the convenience of the clients.

Our services are highly dependable for the clients who have either small business or large organization along with branches. Our call center system allows your free calls with reliable services associated with Pbx system Dubai. You will find all our services compatible, flexible and consistent as per current needs of communications. It is the fact that communication has been using as the important factor since the beginning of mankind. The technology has revolutionized the telecommunication due to the innovations.

Business cannot be managed without an effective and prompt communication. IP Pbx system Dubai ensures you extremely flexible and easily manageable services for a grand boost in your business

Our call center solution has been developed on vicidial that can be able to control on your hosted server dedicated devices. The call center solution of our company contains the software that is rich in user’s friendly features. The compelling features provide IAX and SIP protocols that make the devices well compatible with several softphones. The users can avail our dependable services of vicidial installation, seamless integration with ERP CRM, Free Pbx Elastix and Tribox as well as customization services as per needs of modern technology.

We are known for proficient A2 Billing software facility along with maintenance services that produce Class 5 Softswitch. This facility can be developed on the user’s calling card for better services. It offers a high-level flexibility; you can avail VoIP, PSTN and VoIP Gateways on the trunk side.

Features of the Service:

Features of the Service 300x116 - Call Center Solution DubaiOn call center software carries the extensive features that are enough to boost up your business in an extremely effective way. Some salient features are given as under.

  • We offer outcall applications that are integrated with click to dial from email/contact, pop-up window notification incoming calls, and Outlook
  • We make a single click calling possible with the use of PBXware technology. It allows the users to enjoy the real time calling.
  • Users can avail numerous customized services from our call center solution including pause/unpause call recording, personal IVR, user’s directory call monitoring call filter and blocking. We deliver a scalable proven solution to the clients for their extreme convenience.

Traditional call center systems seem to be expensive and complicated in installation. The Pbx system Dubai is very simple in adjustments and very easy to use. We offer our call center Pbx system that is highly affordable and inexpensive. It allows your business to deliver competent and professional customer services. We offer advanced real-time queue.