Snom Dect Phone

Snom Dect Phone is best suited to interoperability with a broad array of SIP-based platforms. Snom DECT phones , gives business users an affordable cordless VoIP solution that integrates easily providing a highly affordable business-class mobile solution that fits into the business’ existing VoIP system These Dect Phones offers interference-free communication through a dedicated DECT frequency band, provides 100+ hours of stand-by battery time, and features wideband audio.Standard features include hands-free mode and calling line identification, as well as typical mobile phone features, such as an on-board address book, calendar, calculator and alarm functions. Advanced features include IPv6 support, voice encryption, pre-installed security and color picture caller ID.


Snom Dect Phone Advatages

The new generation of snom DECT phones integrates seamlessly with existing phone systems for presence, paging and other capabilities, and is far less expensive and offer better call quality than cellular phones. snom M700 multi-cell base station delivers expanded coverage over several floors or throughout large buildings. It links multiple M700 base stations together to form a network enabling free movement and seamless handover between base stations for uninterrupted calls while moving from one base station to the next.The The SNOM M700 Dect Base station, which can be used in single cell or multi-cell configuration, supports up to 200 handsets, 40 base stations and 100 repeaters in the same installation.The snom Dect Phone system station enables seamless handover, supports up to 200 M65 DECT cordless handsets, 40 base stations and 100 repeaters on the same network.