RTX Dect Phone

IP DECT roaming solution from RTX. It is a complete system for wireless VoIP communication with the scalability, which until now has not been available in this segment. The system can grow from 1 to 40 base stations and up to 200 users. In addition, telephones with color screen HD support CAT-iq and broadband audio channel base stations. The system supports the DECT standard in all major regions of the world. The transition from one base station to another during a call takes place without interrupting the connection while the sound remains flawless.


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Why RTX Dect Phone System ?

The RTX multi-cell base station delivers expanded coverage over several floors or throughout large buildings. It links multiple RTX8660 base stations together to form a network enabling free movement and seamless handover between base stations for uninterrupted calls while moving from one base station to the next.

The rtx cordless DECT phone offers expanded range and is operational up to about 130 feet from its base station in a typical office environment. Shop floors can expect range of about 195 feet and about 300 feet for production areas, without obstacles.The RTX Base stations, which are an integral part of DECT infrastructure and wireless VoIP communications, support HD audio and synchronize themselves . No additional hardware required even the infrastructure contain 200 dect phones. It is a new generation of feature-rich mobility for business users.

RTC Dect Phone System Diagram

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