Top Benefits of the IP PBX of Yeastar MyPBX

This is the age of technology, and the communication is getting popular due to the innovation of the IP PBX system for communication. Yeastar Mypbx IP PBX is the form of the IP phone system that gives the high- class business features for the efficient communication. We introduce our devices and the technical items related to IP telephony that is quite different communication system from the traditional communication. It can be located at the site where they can use interface of analog phone lines. These devices are perfect in providing the efficient voice service through IP PBX System in UAE. We offer incredible interconnection and the high-quality communication in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and other states of UAE.

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Features of Yeastar MyPBX:

Yeastar MyPbx delivering the excellent communication services and value in high-class industry standards due to its professionalism and unique approach.Nothing is more important to business success than communicating professionally and promptly with customers and colleagues. The way businesses communicate and handle incoming calls, and everything from faxes to conference calls, affects public perception of the company. Businesses can better serve customers and enhance the way employees work by adopting the most readily available and affordable technology offer by Yeastar.

Yeastar PBX System - Yeastar IP Telephony
  1. You can find it extremely consistent to render the best execution as well as offer the high functionalities in many ways.
  2. Yeastar MyPbx is highly dynamic in facilitating the users by auto attending the call. It can answer the direct calls for the convenience of the clients.
  3. These IP PBX devices can  integrated to popular CRM’s
  4. Offering the incoming calls for the days of the week or the time.
  5. The Yeastar PBX system Dubai offers the facility of Voice Mail and Voicemail to Email for the feasibility of the users.
  6. The Find Me/ Follow features help the user to never miss a call. It means to transfer the calls to your required phone in a minute.
  7. Call recording facility allows the users to check the calls as per convenience or the requirements.
  8. You can place your calls on hold with the option of the Call-Parking with Yeastar PBX system .
  9. Avail the facility of the conference call that is highly beneficial for the conference room. It offers the high voice quality for this purpose.
  10. Yeastar IP PBX system based on asterisk that is entirely scalable, flexible and competent for you.

Benefits of the Yeastar MyPBX:

Yeastar serving with the aim of delivering proficient Communication system by introducing the innovative IP PBX system in the market of Dubai, UAE. We are the leading supplier of the IP Telephone System, offering Compatible & flexible products of communication along with services to the city warmly welcome you and invite you to our professional services. We strive to give the most astounding worth to our clients by offering consolidation in quality items with a focused attitude and the best administration in the business. We have been working in this industry for several years. Our services and the devices are admired in the Communication industry due to certain reasons.


Professionalism is the key feature of the company, and everyone always admires it. Yeastar MyPBX creates innovation quickly because of the expert methodology and the consumer loyalties. Yeastar render tremendous administrations, and its staff addresses your worries in a proficient and cordial way. The support give considerate administrations to their customers. We are the organization that has not been doing business for some time. We will be more acquainted with the region, never permitting to be holding up for being late because of the experience and talented administration.

High Quality:

Yeastar not only provide the best features, but  always focus on to build up a strong and long-term relationship with the clients with quality products. Yeastar consider its clients are  a huge worth , and we need them to fulfill and please at their most extreme level with our superb quality of communication devices. All our devices and the features related to the IP telephony are highly flexible and scalable as per the market of the UAE.

Proficient Technology:

The Yeastar IP PBX System Dubai, UAE introduces the technology that is proficient in rendering the excellent communication system. AN excellent communication is very important to enhance the proficiency and the skills of the workers. Professionalism plays an integral part in the success of the business. We perform our tasks in a highly professional manner and always prefer the satisfaction of the client. You will appreciate us because Yeastar provide unique and efficient products for the convenience of our clients and this professional strategy make us popular among  clients.


We are the best source of conveying your messages in an innovative way that is related to a modern communication system of IP telephony. All these services of the PBX system are integrated for the convenience and comfort. We have introduced the wide variety of the PBX devices in UAE that are efficient and feasible due to the easy installation. All these modern items contain the unique designs that give the impression to be very glamorous and stylish.

Cost-Effective IP Telephone system:

Reasonable rates provide an easy approach for the customers. These are available for both types of organizations either small or large in the wide range. This system is designed for the need of all types of clients. They feel free to choose the style of their own requirement. We have a wide range of unique and modern technology related to the PBX system as per the market demand of UAE.

We are committed to delivering the perfect services. These excellent devices are reliable, convenient, cheap and widely available in Dubai. The important thing of these fascinating items is the efficiency and easy adjustment and availability of them over the country.