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Asterisk Solution Dubai

We have been customizing the telephony solution that is established on the Asterisk open source PBX system for many years. Communication is the source to connect the people, and it is essential for better living. The importance of the communication and its means has increased with the increase in technology.

The modern world of communication is well-equipped with devices and means for demanding applications. Contacting the clients directly and communicating with customers in straightway always build new demands on advanced telecommunication system.

The PBX System Dubai is one of the most dependable communications providers according to the needs of the modern business. We are providing the true support to the small business as well as large organizations to straight and prompt communications.

Asterisk Open Source Phone System:

We offer an open source framework in the form of Asterisk phone system for developing the perfect communication applications. It is the way through which we transform an ordinary computer into a complete communication server. We enable the user to control the communication by powering the VoIP gateways, conference servers, IP PBX system and other custom solution.

Our proficient efforts are for supporting the small business, call centers and the large organizations government agencies and carriers through this way of telecommunication at the global level. We are delivering a solid, free and open source in the form of the Asterisk Phone system.

It provides a solid platform to the organizations to improve and build a professional business environment. The user can get the opportunity to provide a solid base to form an entire business phone system. They are facilitated by the IP PBX System Dubai for extending the existing system or to making a bridge for filling the gaps between the system through clear and prompt communication.

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We have been rendering our expert services in all over UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai as well for several years. We are the top leading communication solution by these following dependable services to our clients.

  1. We offer a cutting-edge configuration of Asterisk phone system that is very easy to install and plan.
  2. The traditional fax and telephone systems are integrated with our modern Asterisk technology.
  3. We have offered a wide choice of various ISDN cards and phones for Asterisk for the comfort of the users at a broad
  4. A wide range of redirects, conference calls, voicemails, and music on hold, language dialogues, and mailbox competence has been offered by our company to facilitate the clients.
  5. The organization offers the proficient configuration of statistical functions.
  6. We have established the web-based messaging center.
  7. An individual solution is the special service of our company.
  8. We offer expert technical support to maintenance and professional assistance.

We are providing an open source based software to our customers for improving their business. Our aim is to boost up your business by covering all the functions of the traditional PBX. It controls voice over IAX and IP SIP among other conventions.

It helps to manage the other voice services including voice applications, conference calls, voice mails and many others. We facilitate our customers by providing the opportunity for speech recognition with additional programs. The Asterisk phone system is integrated at wide level due to its simple installations and easy adjustments.

It requires only the operating system of Mac OS X (OS X 10.2), GNU/Linux * BSD.

We have explored several features of this high-tech Asterisk telephony system that a traditional system cannot provide. It enables the users to save money on the use of cutting-edge technology with flexible dialing plans. It supports all the other telephony applications successfully due to the innovative technology.

It is the true source to bring about a revolution in the telecommunication industry due to the proficient way of functionality with other network applications. The user just has to switch the Asterisk Telephony system for exploring the modern world of communication that enables you to fight against the inevitable integration into the network.  We deliver our best services in the form of Asterisk solution in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Ras-Al-Khaimah.

Our courteous and proficient staff is always at your services for providing the free consultation of choosing the true product for your business. Our trained and technically skilled staff can handle the all large and small projects very easily including sip trunk between multiple offices as well as Call Center.