Snom M65 DECT Phone


Snom M65 DECT Phone

The Snom M65 telephone is compatible with the Snom M700 and M300 base stations. This telephone uses DECT with GAP Associate technology to speak wirelessly with an in-range base station. The phone’s lithium-ion battery supports an extended time period between charging.  Band audio provides natural voice conversations over the Dect telephone. It is best to be used in facilities with massive floors or in offices with many stories.


Snom M65 DECT Handset

The snom M65 a VoIP DECT wireless telephone that may be paired with the snom M700 DECT base station. Up to thirty extra M65 handsets are often paired with one base giving raised quality and freedom to users. The M65 DECT telephone combines business communication practicality with the inherent options of the mobile world. The M65 offers a tricolor diode to tell the user of lost calls, voicemail messages and an occasional battery standing. The M65 featured a 2″ color LCD with backlight and battery speak time up to 16 hours.

Snom M65 VoIP DECT Phone Features:

• 2 simultaneous calls • 3-way conference on the phone • Directory with 100 contact entries • Auto answer • 50 meter range indoors • Speakerphone • Charging time: up to 8 hours from empty • Headset port: 3.5mm

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M65 Datasheet