Snom M5 DECT Repeater


Snom M5 DECT Repeater

The snom M5 DECT Repeater can spread the range of your snom M700 DECT base station up to 175 feet. In order to increase the range of your snom M700 base station or M65 handset, the snom M5 is good choice, by using this you can increase range as much as you want.


Snom M5 DECT Repeater

The Snom M5 DECT Repeater is the best choice for increasing the range of your DECT single or multicell DECT solution along with M700 and M65 in locations needful mobile coverage across some floors or throughout large buildings.

The Snom M5 repeater increases the reception range of single bases, handsets and bridges gaps between base stations, increasing the free movement between base stations in single unified network and allowing calls to continue uninterrupted. The snom DECT repeater is made in accordance with the DECT standard phone sets. It is planned for a use in home, office, business and public DECT applications based on the GAP profile. So they can build a perfect addition to your snom M3. The repeater has 2 internal antennas and can be used to double the real range of a DECT Base Station. The Snom DECT repeater can confirm the unified intercell delivery from  the base station area to the repeater area.

It is possible to register up to 6 repeaters to a single base station. Additionally the snom DECT repeater uses a new, programmed registration way. With this new way/process, the repeater automatically seeks and gets the DECT/GAP base station that produces the most powerful signal. For the end user this means that the repeater installation is easy and it can be used as Plug and play.

Snom M5 DECT Repeater Features:

  • Support single and multi-cell deployments
  • Increase the range without adding Ethernet
  • Up to 5 simultaneous calls
  • Seamless handover of calls between cells
  • Supports snom M700 and snom M65
  • Works in accordance with the DECT standard
  • Doubles the range of the snom m3 by two internal antennas
  • Registering up to six snom DECT repeaters on one base station
  • Plug-and-play installation

Product Downloads

M5 Datasheet