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RTX4002 DECT REPEATER - RTX 4002 DECT Repeater

RTX 4002 DECT Repeater

RTX 4002 Wireless DECT Repeater

The RTX 4002 DECT Repeater is proposed for use in residential, business and public DECT applications founded on the GAP profile. The RTX 4002 DECT has the choice of an outside aerial with SMA connector, which knowingly recovers the signal range up to 1.5km when used with the elective aerial.

RTX4012 DECT REPEATER - RTX 4012 DECT Repeater

RTX 4012 DECT Repeater

RTX DECT Wireless Repeater RTX4012

The RTX 4012 DECT Repeater is a Professional device that used to registration for lengthy DECT range. A repeater can be organized when a need to spread the range of a DECT phone in the working place. The RTX 4002 can also be utilized anywhere there is a need to rise limited coverage or improve reception in distant areas.

RTX4024 DECT REPEATER - RTX 4024 DECT Repeater

RTX 4024 DECT Repeater

RTX 4024 Wireless DECT Repeater

The RTX 4024 DECT Repeate is proposed for use with the RTX 8630 IP DECT Series which is use in housing, business and community DECT applications created on the GAP profile. The RTX 4024 contains a SMB connector for an exterior turning antenna which can be used to spread DECT exposure to remote areas from the classic base station.


RTX 8430 IP DECT Phone

RTX 8430 Wireless Dect Phone

The RTX 8430 IP DECT Phone is a low cost DECT phone for use with the 8630 IP Base featuring with a high quality 1.4 Inch TFT display and graphical user interface.  This handset affords users best elasticity and call excellence. Along with all this RTX 8430 have many features such as phonebook to store contact, HD audio, headset connectors and many more.

RTX8630 DECT HANDSET - RTX 8630 Cordless SIP Dect Phone

RTX 8630 Cordless SIP Dect Phone

RTX 8630 Cordless SIP Wireless DECT Phone

The RTX 8630 Cordless SIP DECT Handset can be used in combining with the RTX 8660 IP DECT base station which is a good solution for the offices and call centers that are looking for cheap and quality communication solutions within the office.  RTX 8630 Cordless offers remarkable voice and sound quality and this feature can help you to make sure there is no mistake while doing voice calls as this phone provides you HD audio quality.


RTX 8660 IP DECT Base

RTX 8660 IP DECT Base Station

The RTX 8660 IP DECT base can be used in combination with the RTX 8630 ,RTX8830, and RTX8340 Dect Phones. RTX Dect phone system best suited for  offices , Warehouses, Hospitals ,Hotels and call centers. It is good for those who are looking for a low-cost communication solution which provides mobility from wireless and HD audio in the business place. It offers remarkable voice quality and this in return can help avoid any errors between calls which again is good for enjoys of offices and call centers.

RTX8830 DECT HANDSET - RTX 8830 SIP Cordless DECT Phone

RTX 8830 SIP Cordless DECT Phone

RTX 8830 SIP Cordless Wireless DECT Phone

The RTX 8830 DECT is an IP65 telephone similar with the RTX8630 Base Station, which aim the industrial, hospital, hotel and segments. All handset features a phonebook directory for up to 50 contacts and a battery life which is enough to up to 8 hours talk time and the battery has a stand-by time of up to 75 hours when fully charged. Moreover, the benefits of the RTX 8830 IP contain access to call list of last 20 numbers, low battery and not in signal zone pointer alerts.


Snom M25 DECT Phone

Snom M25 DECT Phone

The Snom M25 phone is intended to be used with the Snom M700 and M300 base stations. Add this wireless phone to your existing DECT base station and provides additional staff the liberty of quality. The phone seamlessly configures and integrates with the bottom stations for straightforward found out.

SNOM M300 DECT BASE STATION - Snom M300 Wireless Dect Base

Snom M300 Wireless Dect Base

Snom M300 Wireless Single Cell Dect Base

The SNOM M300 WIRELESS SINGLE CELL DECT BASE is great DECT base phone as it is support up to 20 phones on base station, this solution means that there will be sufficient phones for everyone in a small office environment.


Snom M325 VoIP DECT Phone

Snom M325 VoIP DECT Phone

The Snom M325 is a VoIP DECT package with a phone and base station. The M325 will grip up to 20 snom M25 or M65 handsets. The snom M325 is ready to place an extensive range of office settings with the wide range of interoperability with major IP-PBX systems and there are no additional license fees required for features.


Snom M5 DECT Repeater

Snom M5 DECT Repeater

The snom M5 DECT Repeater can spread the range of your snom M700 DECT base station up to 175 feet. In order to increase the range of your snom M700 base station or M65 handset, the snom M5 is good choice, by using this you can increase range as much as you want.


Snom M65 DECT Phone

Snom M65 DECT Phone

The Snom M65 telephone is compatible with the Snom M700 and M300 base stations. This telephone uses DECT with GAP Associate technology to speak wirelessly with an in-range base station. The phone’s lithium-ion battery supports an extended time period between charging.  Band audio provides natural voice conversations over the Dect telephone. It is best to be used in facilities with massive floors or in offices with many stories.


Snom M700 DECT Base Station

Snom M700 DECT Base Station

The snom M700 base station is perfect for companies those are demanding wireless coverage across many buildings/offices or throughout large buildings. It is easy to install and integrate. The Snom M700 can be used in an only access point placement or in a cluster with up to 40 units.


Snom M85 DECT Phone

Snom M85 DECT Headset

The M85 DECT telephone set is well configurable for the useful and ascendable M700 multicell solution with unified surrendering still as for the M300 single-cell base station. It’s preferably fitted to skilled indoor and outside use and in hard-hat or industrial areas. The Snom M85 Ruggedized DECT Handset is the IP65 DECT handset with shockproof, splash-proof, and dust-proof abilities; fit for outdoor areas and/or industrial work environments.


Yealink RT10 Dect Repeater

Yealink RT10 Dect Repeater

The Yealink RT10 DECT Repeater is intended to spread a DECT phone Yealink W52P. Application RT10 surges partial range and recovers reception in isolated areas call the office.


Yealink W52H Dect Phone

Yealink W52H Dect Phone

The Yealink W52H is an SIP cordless units allow you to spread the numbers of users while providing enlarged elasticity and scalability when used in combination with the SIP-W52P handset and base position.