RTX 4012 DECT Repeater


RTX DECT Wireless Repeater RTX4012

The RTX 4012 DECT Repeater is a Professional device that used to registration for lengthy DECT range. A repeater can be organized when a need to spread the range of a DECT phone in the working place. The RTX 4002 can also be utilized anywhere there is a need to rise limited coverage or improve reception in distant areas.


RTX DECT Repeater RTX4012

The RTX 4012 DECT Repeater is a Professional DECT repeater that is used to increase the signals strength. A repeater can be used when there is a need to increase the DECT range and these RTX 4012 produce awesome results in this regards. The RTX 4012 DECT Repeater can also be utilized where there is a need to raise partial coverage or want to improve welcome area in the remote workplace. The RTX 4012 up to 6 can be used per DECT system. It is a Professional DECT repeater with repeater to repeater registration and extended call capacity

RTX 4012 DECT Repeater Features:

  • Up to 6 repeaters per base station
  • 5 simultaneous (narrow band) calls per repeater
  • Supports automatic handover of calls between cells
  • Automatic registration
  • 2 internal antennas
  • Repeater to repeater registration with a max. 3 repeaters in daisy chain (View example of daisy chain formation)
  • Requires PC software
  • 12 slot support
  • Repeater to repeater registration
  • (max. 3 repeaters in daisy chain)
  • Handling of 5 active narrow-band calls
  • simultaneously
  • Requires a PC tool which can be delivered by RTX

Product Downloads

RTX 4012 Datasheet