RTX 4002 DECT Repeater


RTX 4002 Wireless DECT Repeater

The RTX 4002 DECT Repeater is proposed for use in residential, business and public DECT applications founded on the GAP profile. The RTX 4002 DECT has the choice of an outside aerial with SMA connector, which knowingly recovers the signal range up to 1.5km when used with the elective aerial.


RTX 4002 DECT Repeater

The RTX 4002 DECT Repeater has 2 inside antennas and can be used to spread the actual range of any standard DECT GAP base station. The repeater then routinely assigns itself the first accessible RPN number. If more repeaters have to be given to the same base station, the process just has to be repeated. It will keep track of the next available RPN number automatically. A total of 6 repeaters can be consigned to each DECT GAP base station. The RTX 4002 DECT Repeater processes only 120x130x35 mm and can simply be riding on walls The RTX 4002 features the new sole automatic registering method. This registering method allows the repeater to assign itself to any given DECT GAP base station automatically. The RTX 4002 is good fit for home, small business and public DECT application that are available on the GAP profiles.

RTX 4002 DECT Repeater Features:

• Up to 6 repeaters per base station • Wide band audio • DECT encryption • Automatic registration • Max. 3 repeaters in daisy chain • Support of DECT / DECT 6.0 • Extending the DECT coverage • Support automatic handover of calls between cells • Handling of 2 active calls simultaneously • Up to 6 repeaters per base station • Automatic registration method • Frequency bands coverage: DECT, EU/AU/NZ & US/CA • Up to 50m indoor and 300m outdoor • Receiver sensitivity: -92dBm • 2 internal omni-directional antennas • Support for external antennas using SMB connectors

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RTX 4002 Datasheet