RTX 8830 SIP Cordless DECT Phone


RTX 8830 SIP Cordless Wireless DECT Phone

The RTX 8830 DECT is an IP65 telephone similar with the RTX8630 Base Station, which aim the industrial, hospital, hotel and segments. All handset features a phonebook directory for up to 50 contacts and a battery life which is enough to up to 8 hours talk time and the battery has a stand-by time of up to 75 hours when fully charged. Moreover, the benefits of the RTX 8830 IP contain access to call list of last 20 numbers, low battery and not in signal zone pointer alerts.


RTX 8830 SIP Cordless DECT Phone

The RTX 8830 DECT is a very strong IP65 related cordless phone which is well-matched with the RTX 8630 multi-cell wandering system. This targets the industrial, hospital, hotel and security areas and it is perfect t for all such business and companies. The 830 DECT has protection features for those operators who are working alone and with the help of 5 different alarm types anyone can make sure the security,  there are many ways the telephone can activate a message to other users when emergency help required. The Emergency happening activates include man-down, no movement, running, emergency button pushed pull string activated and many more. Along with all RTX 8830 has HD audio, 2Inch TFT LCD and many more such features which made this phone.

RTX 8830 DECT Features:

  • HD audio support (G.722)
  • 2 Inch TFT display, 176×220
  • IP65 compliant
  • Shock proof
  • Ruggedized design
  • Pull cord support
  • Ambient noise reduction
  • Micro SD-card support for fast handset exchange
  • Indoor: 50m
  • Out-door: 300m
  • Central phonebook support (multiple LDAP server)
  • Local phonebook with 250 entries

Product Downloads

RTX8830 Datasheet