Sangoma Card | E1/T1/J/ PRI / BRI / PSTN

Sangoma supplies a complete collection of top quality digital and analog interface cards for connecting your IP PBX, IVR, VoIP Gateway, or custom telephony solution to the public telephone network. SangomaTelephony interface cards are PCI or PCI Express expansion cards that connect computers running Asterisk straight away to legacy phone lines, phones and phone systems. The Sangoma cards convert the legacy signaling and media into Asterisk’s internal formats.Sanagoma cards are high-performance, highly reliable and cost-effective interfaces foryour Asterisk solution.Multiple applications can be produced to fulfill the business needs of any organization when using Sangoma cards together with Asterisk software, the Linux® operating system and standard PC/server platforms.
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Different Types of Sangoma Cards

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Sangoma analog Cards Dubai - Sangoma Card

Sangoma Analog Cards

Sangoma continues to provide the very best quality Analog Telephony Interface cards allowing you to connect Asterisk ®, FreeSWITCH® and several proprietary telephone systems to the PSTN.Sangoma  crds are available in different models to satisfy  business needs of any organization.

Sangoma digital Cards Dubai - Sangoma Card

Sangoma Digital Cards

Sangoma’s unmatched voice-optimized hardware cards is powering leading IP PBX, IVR and call center applications worldwide Sangoma digital cardsprovided in one, two, four, eight, or sixteen spans of optimized {voice over |voice-over} T1/ E1/J1 / PRI  cards with high quality hardware echo cancellation.

Sangoma hybrid Cards Dubai - Sangoma Card

Sangoma Hybrid Cards

The Sangoma hybrid voice cards deliver customers a considerable cost savings by integrating on a single PCI or PCI Express slot both digital and analog interfaces. This, coupled with the “Because it must work” quality and the Wanpipe® high-end system diagnostics, drivers, and utilities. Customers can achieve optimum echo-cancelled voice quality and enhancement with telco-grade DSP Hardware Echo Cancellation.

Sangoma Voice Compression Cards Dubai - Sangoma Card

Sangoma Compression Cards

Transcoding / Compression  is a reality in VoIP Networks to achieve the best goals in terms of bandwidth. The telecom application requires compression codecs-to save bandwidth in order to improve voice quality . It will not settle on software based licence that unnecessarily increase CPU load. Instead, choose Sangoma’s compression cards , the most flexible voice compression cards available today.

How we can help you choose your Telephony Products ?

We offers a full-range of Sangoma Dubai products to match with your business communication needs and budget. If you are searching for Voip Gateway, PBX System, Session Border Controller ,IP Phones Asterisk Cards or skype for business solution, we’ve got it covered. We carry all the Sangoma products including Sangoma PBX Appliances, Sangoma Gateway , Sangoma Session border controller, Sangoma Phones and  Sangoma cards.Contact Us today to get best Sangoma Prices found in UAE.

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