Panasonic UT 670 Dubai


Panasonic UT670 Dubai- A Smart Desk Phone

With a large display and an intuitive operation via the touch panel, Panasonic UT 670 Dubai phone is your smart desk phone that comes with a variety of functions and features. You can develop a variety of applications that fit into your requirement. In the other words, you can use this phone in a wide range of situation to cater to your certain requirements. Phone may also use a network camera viewer and a variety of applications can be developed depending on the requirements of user.


Features of Panasonic UT670 Dubai Telephone

The various features of this smart desk phone are explained below

1.      A touch screen color LCD of 7 inches

Panasonic UT670 comes with a large LCD WVJA screen of 7 inches with the dimension 800 x 480 that has a high precision of 262,000 color LCD that ensures the user a crystal clear web viewing experience

2.      To enable Intuitive operations, a touch panel

You can easily perform the operations such as entering characters and the other ones because of the touch panel LCD screen. You can have a user-friendly interface because of the swipe and touch operations that provide the same experience as that of a smartphone. You can conduct different procedures like checking the calendar, viewing your mail along with the call dialling feature very smoothly through this touch panel.

3.      Support for headset and performing wireless communication

You can connect an electronic hook switch (EHS) headset to the EHS Jack and perform wireless communication in this way. If you are making long calls, then you can make use of the headset jack too.

4.      Network Camera Viewer

You may use your Panasonic UT670 as a network camera viewer by simply converting it with a Panasonic network camera. For example, you can use it as a reception terminal to view your customers on the telephone screen and handle them suitably and smoothly. You can also operate the network camera with a remote so that you can change the angle of the camera such that you can see what required, where in order to display the video of the camera on the telephone screen, you can easily use a camera sensor detection.

5.      Application development feature

Panasonic UT670 offers you a program development environment that is suitable to develop a variety of applications.

  • For the smart desk phone, dedicated development software (APIs and libraries) is provided separately for the software developers.
  • It also includes a network camera system interface and an SIP phone system interface
  • It is JAVA supported.
  • It is provided with class libraries, wrappers, and APIs.
  • The applications that are developed using the Panasonic UT670 Dubai telephone can be used in order to operate various businesses such as the placement of orders directly from on-screen menu or you can also use the screen to search for different hotels around your area and countless other purposes.