Panasonic NT543 Dubai


Panasonic NT543 Dubai- the Standard IP phone

The market leaders, Panasonic launched another member in the NT family, Panasonic NT543. With similar features to the other phones in this series, it is well suited for fulfilling any of your requirements. Panasonic NT543 Dubai phone comes with a lot of fascinating features which has incorporated everything in it that is required to ensure a flawless and smooth communication channel. Just like the other NT phones, Panasonic NT543 brings you a crystal clear voice quality with its outstanding codecs and voice transmission system. The user-friendly interface allows it to be operated easily by anyone and enables everyone to access its supportive features and applications. Built in an elegant and eye-catching design, it stands fit for any official or corporate usage. So, get ready to talk about the brand that is identified by its high quality and next dimension sound quality.


Features of Panasonic NT543 Dubai phone

Packed with a bunch of fascinating features and built- in applications, Panasonic NT543 Dubai phone has all the required characteristics and features to promise a smooth and error-free audio channel. Some of the salient features of this phone are mentioned below.

1.      High-quality wideband Voice transmission

Get ready to experience the next level of audio features with your Panasonic NT543. Taking you to a whole new experience of the audio channel that you haven’t had before, Panasonic NT543 promises less misheard calls and repeated conversations. The G.722, G.729a, G.726 and G.711 audio codecs make it free of echo and offer a high-quality experience in audio quality to all the users over the handset, speakerphones or the headphones.

  1. A large and Clear LCD

Panasonic NT543 provides you with a large and clear 3 line LCD alphanumeric display that allows you to have a quick access to different features and the phonebooks.

3.      Reduced level of consumption of power

The NT543 phone is an excellent power saver just like the other phones of its series. It also has the ECO standby mode that is an advanced feature used to reduce further the level of power consumption. Thus, you can reduce your power costs using this phone.

4.      The Electronic Hookswitch

There is a Plantronics Compliant Electronic Hookswitch integrated into Panasonic NT543 that gives its IP terminal the access to Plantronics range of headsets enabled with DECT. This feature can allow you to have a wide range of comfort and convenience to the frequent users who are not bound at all to sit at one place stuck to their handset. Rather, they can move around and talk from anywhere.

5.      Ethernet ports and POE feature

Panasonic NT 543 Dubai phone supports POE feature and for that purpose there are 2 Ethernet ports in the phone each of 100 MB.