Panasonic NT546 Dubai


Panasonic NT546 Dubai- The standard IP phone

Panasonic has introduced its NT series as the advanced telephone series that can ensure you the best communications channel for the audio stream. Panasonic NT546 Dubai phone is another phone in the series that shares some common features with the other phones of the NT series while some features are distinct that make it stand out from the others.


Comparison with other phones of NT series

Like the other Panasonic phones of NT series, NT546 is designed in the modern and sleek manner and stands right to fit into your office décor. It is available in both black and white colors that make it completely compatible with any environment. Similar to the other phones, NT546 takes you to the most outstanding audio communication you would have experienced ever. It seems as if you are having a face to face meeting rather than talking on an audio call. Panasonic NT546 is packed with a lot of exciting features and applications that can be easily accessed and the user-friendly interface of NT series allows you to use them easily. There is also an easy navigation key like all the other phones in NT series. NT546 also contains another IP port so that the desktop cable clutter can be reduced.

Features of Panasonic NT546

Panasonic NT546 Dubai phone comes with a bunch of exciting new features and up to date applications. Some of the salient features of this standard IP phone are mentioned below:

1.      LCD display

Panasonic NT546 comes with a large LCD that has a 6 line crystal clear display. It has a built- in user interface that allows the phonebooks and other features to be accessed easily

2.      The HD audio feature

As mentioned earlier, the audio quality of Panasonic NT546 is like the other phones of this series in which it offers you the premium class audio quality that can lessen the repeated conversations and misheard calls. IT supports 4 audio codecs that are as follows

  • 722
  • 711
  • 726
  • 729a

The IP terminal of NT546 provides you with a supreme level of voice communication quality over headsets, speakerphones, and handset. The full range of NT series comes with a high-quality microphone and speakerphone along with handsets compatible with hearing aid.

3.      Electronic Hookswitch

There is an integrated Electronic Hookswitch port that allows the IP terminal of Panasonic NT546 Dubai phone to access the wide Plantronics range of headsets that are enabled with DECT. The EHS has solved several problems for the users as they are not tied down by the headsets; rather they are enabled to move freely and have a comfortable and portable experience.

4.      ECO Friendly

The Panasonic NT546 phone has a great level of power saving feature. This feature can be strengthened even further because of the advanced ECO standby mode. This ensures you fewer energy costs.