Panasonic NT505 Dubai


Panasonic NT505 Dubai- the IP DSS console

The expansion Module from Panasonic, NT505 works for its compatible handset models, KX- NT 553 and the KX- NT 556 IP phones that facilitates your phone with 48 extensions. Your IP phone can be connected with a maximum of 4 DSS consoles. Panasonic NT505 Dubai console also features the busy station signaling and direct station selection.


Member of the Panasonic KX- NT 500 / 550 series

It also belongs to the Panasonic KX- NT 500 / 550 Series of IP telephones that feature a whole new world of technologically advanced Panasonic IP phones with a high quality wideband voice transmission through which you can experience such audio communication channel that clears the echo and lessens the repeated conservations and misheard calls. The speaker is also designed according to the advanced technology that promise a high-quality HD sound. The phone features expanded audio chamber. You can experience a more advanced and productive audio communication of a premium quality with the help of a smooth and elegant design along with a large and clear graphic display with a backlight feature.

Features of Panasonic NT505 Dubai DSS console

As mentioned already, Panasonic NT505 is a DSS console that works as an expansion module with the compatible handset phones. It facilitates a specific number of extensions and belongs to the Panasonic KX- NT family. The different features of Panasonic NT505 phone are mentioned below

1.      Compatible Handset Models

The Panasonic NT505 Dubai DSS console works fine with the following two compatible IP handset phones of Panasonic

  • The Panasonic KX- NT 553
  • Panasonic KX- 556 IP phone

2.      Number of Supported extensions

The expansion module for the compatible handset phones, the DSS console- Panasonic NT505 supports a total of 48 extensions to your phone.

3.      Maximum Number of connectable DSS consoles to the IP Phone

Your IP phone can be connected to only 4 DSS consoles at maximum.

4.      BSS and DSS feature

Panasonic NT505 features BSS (busy station signaling) and DSS (direct station signaling).

5.      Colors Available

The available colors in Panasonic NT 505 DSS console are only black and white.

6.      Easy expansion feature

Panasonic NT505 Dubai DSS console allows you to be easily expanded as per the use of an advanced professional user.

7.      DSS buttons

There are 48 DSS buttons in total with the Panasonic NT505 expansion module that are enabled to get used to the full flexibility feature such as

  • The Direct Station Selection
  • The pre- programmable one-touch number is a dialling
  • Features that can frequently be used
  • The busy station is

The Panasonic NT505 expansion module for KX- NT 522 and KX- NT 556 has the above-mentioned fascinating bunch of features. If you buy this DSS console in a brand new condition, then you will also get a one year warranty along with it.