Panasonic NT556 Dubai


Get the Benefits of Panasonic NT556 Dubai

The Panasonic NT556 Dubai is a cost-effective phone for IP communication of small and medium sized business organization. It is flexible to configure according to your expanded business needs. The phone is available in black and white colors to complement your office decor. It can deliver HD quality sound, and the 6-line backlit LCD proves helpful for you. The device is simple to use, and its feature enable you to manage the communication of your office. You can install it in various settings because of its flexible features. The device has compliance with Plantronics, and you can increase the efficiency of your communication system. There is no need to worry about noise and disturbance during calls.


Highlights of Panasonic NT556 Dubai

Panasonic NT556 Dubai offers some unique features to improve the communication of your business. Following are some highlighted features of this phone:

  • Enjoy HD quality voice calls
  • There is a 6-line backlit LCD for setting, menu browsing and other details.
  • There are 12 x 3 self-labelling flexible buttons with a backlight LCD
  • The phone has a full Duplex speakerphone and 2 Gigabit Ethernet/PoE
  • Phone has EHS support for your convenience
  • The phone features an Eco mode and available in black and white colors

If you are looking for an exceptional quality professional phone, then Panasonic NT556 Dubai will be a great choice for you. You can get the benefits of new dimension audio technology because the HD audio system is available with powerful features. The ultra-modern and sleek design can complement the décor of your office. The device is packed with lots of powerful features, and you can use it in a simple way. The Gigabit LAN/PC port is designed to meet your IP network requirements. You can use it for your business setup. It is easy to control with some modern features.

High Definition Audio System

The Panasonic NT556 Dubai is packed with some features. The high-definition audio system is perfect to meet the requirements of your network. You can get the benefits of DSS connectivity for operator types uses. The phone is famous for its classic design and best audio quality features. There is no need to repeat your conversation because the chances of misheard calls are almost zero. You can increase the quality and uses of this phone with the help of speakerphone and additional handsets. The Enhanced Echo Cancellation features can improve the quality of the call. The phone has built-in speaker and microphone.

EHS and Self Labelling

There is a built-in EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) port to access DECT easily enabled sets. The phone is comfortable to use and portable to carry from one place to another. It is an excellent choice for frequent users. You can register almost 36 numbers at a time, and these numbers will be displayed on the screen of Panasonic NT556 Dubai. You should give it a try to improve the communication of your business.