Panasonic NT553 Dubai


Enjoy HD Communication with Panasonic NT553 Dubai

The Panasonic NT553 Dubai is manufactured for your help to deliver outstanding professional performance. You can get the benefits of its powerful and supportive features. The sleek design and attractive colors compliment the décor of your office. The phone is equipped with a number features, such as LCD, flexible buttons, ECO cancelation mode and EHS compliance. If you want to get a reliable choice for your business, then you should give priority to this phone. It is available in black and white colors. It has a high-quality speaker for your assistance. The phone is easy to maintain, and you can get the benefits of its advanced features.


Highlighted Features of Panasonic NT553 Dubai

Followings are its highlighted features that enable you to select advanced communication options for your business. You can enhance its performance with the help of gigabit connection:

  • It is special for 3-line backlit LCD
  • The phone features 12×2 self-labelling, flexible CO buttons
  • The phone has 2 gigabit Ethernet port (1000 Base-T)
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • The Panasonic NT553 Dubai features Eco mode
  • It is compatible to Plantronics EHS-compatible
  • The phone is available in black and white

Delivers Professional Performance

The Panasonic NT553 Dubai offers lots of advanced features, and you can use it in your professional setting. After using this phone, you will be able to experience advanced audio and DSS connectivity features. You will enjoy a new dimension of the audio experience with the help of its HD quality voice calls. The phone has various powerful features and application. It is available in modern designs and black and white colors. These colors work well in your office decorations. It will support your voice calls, and you can communicate with your clients without any disturbance. The HD quality voice calls are combined with powerful applications.

Packed with Host Features

The Panasonic NT553 Dubai is packed with a host of features and with a gigabit LAN/PC port; you can connect it to your office network. The self-labeling features make it easy to make initial settings and with the help of remote maintenance, you can increase its benefits. Panasonic NT550 offers support to DSS connection for the users similar to the operator.

High-Quality Audio Calls

The Panasonic NT553 Dubai offers the best quality audio calls because there will be fewer chances of misheard and repeated the conversation. You can cancel the Echo with the help of Echo Cancellation features. The Acoustic Chamber delivers a superior audio call. It complies with wideband and has compatible handsets. The phone has high-quality speakers and microphone.

Electric Hook Switch

There is a built-in Electronic Hook Switch port that enables you to access a wide range of DECT headsets. It offers portability and maximum comfort. The frequent users can move freely with this phone with the help of handsets. There is a facility to register almost 24 numbers. A wide screen is available to display numbers and details of different applications. It is available with the user-friendly features of your office.