Panasonic UT113 Dubai


Panasonic UT113 Dubai- Goodbye conventional telephones

Panasonic UT113 Dubai is a simple SIP phone that is compact suitable for smaller places. Introducing the Panasonic KX- UT series, UT113 appeared in the market to bid farewell to the conventional and traditional telephones. The conventional phones were unable to produce sufficiently the low and high pitched sound. But now, we can have Panasonic UT113 in service that can produce a high-quality sound at all the frequency bands as it supports the G.722 audio codec. Thus, enabling you to have a far more proper and better communication without any sound distortion or other disturbances.


Common features with the KX- UT family

The common features of Panasonic UT113 with the other members of series include

  • A very easy initial setup
  • With the help of the integrated speaker box, you can increase the quality of sound for the low frequencies that are of approximately 300 Hz. To enhance the audio quality, the speaker box reduces echo and sound distortion.
  • The KX- UT series always consume less power while calling and also when in the standby mode. You can further reduce the level of consuming power by enabling the ECO mode. This can prove to be helpful in saving energy at your office.

Features of Panasonic UT113 Dubai

The salient features of Panasonic UT113 Dubai telephone are mentioned below

1.      Retrieve the authentication of connection with Broadsoft and Asterick

Panasonic UT113 supports Asterick and Broadsoft so that it might become able to connect to a wide range of devices which are selected while keeping the requirements of the user in mind.

2.      An HD audio stream (over speakerphones as well as headset)

Panasonic UT113 can produce high-quality voice by reducing the sound distortion. It supports the G.722 audio codec that helps to produce such a high-quality voice transmission that gives you the same experience as that of a face to face meeting. You will be able to transmit your intentions via voice.

3.      Consumes less power

Panasonic UT113 automatically switches to the power saving mode without the use of any manual operation. This helps to reduce the level of power consumption.

4.      Supports XML customization

The information being viewed on the LCD screen can be customized according to the requirement of the user and through this feature, Panasonic UT113 can be used as a telephone as well as an information terminal.

5.      POE (Power over Ethernet)

Panasonic UT113 supports the POE feature that means it doesn’t require an AC adapter if there is present a power supply hub.

6.      Ethernet Ports

It has 1 Ethernet port.

7.      Backlit LCD

Panasonic UT113 doesn’t contain a backlit LCD screen.

8.      Phonebook

There is space for 100 contacts in the phonebook of Panasonic UT113.