Panasonic NT560 Dubai


Panasonic NT560 Dubai- The executive IP phone

Experience the next dimension in experiencing audio quality with Panasonic NT560. The executive IP phone provides you with a high-level performance with its good-looking and impressive design. You will now have an excellent HD-quality audio experience on your phone. All the features and functions are easily accessible and up to date. Panasonic NT560 comes in an ultra- modern, smooth and elegant design and is available in both the White and Black colors that will suite to any office décor. The phone comes with a very friendly user interface and is packed with a whole set of features.


Features of Panasonic NT560 Dubai phone

The features of Panasonic NT560 Dubai phone are as follows

1.      LCD Display

Panasonic NT560 comes with a 4.4-inch crystal clear large LCD screen that also has the backlighting feature in it. The phones have huge alphanumeric displays. The LCD comes with an intuitive user interface that provides you an easy and quick access to different features, applications and phonebooks.

2.      Programmable Function Keys

Panasonic NT560 provides you with 24 freely programmable function keys

3.      High definition “HD” Audio

Panasonic NT560 provides you with the High-quality wideband voice transmission as a standard across the range. IT provides you with an audio quality that is best in class. This means that you will be getting a lot less repeated conversations and misheard calls. NT560 supports the G.722, G.711, G.726 and G.729a Codecs that ensures you that you will not hear any echo and an enhanced acoustic chamber. The Panasonic phone provides the users with a premium class audio experience through the speakerphone, optional headsets and handset. The entire audio range of Panasonic NT560 features handsets compatible with hearing aid, a wideband-compliant and integrated, superior quality microphone and speaker phone.

4.      ECO mode

The Panasonic NT560 has a very less degree of power consumption, and when turned on the ECO mode, it can further reduce the level of consumption of power.

5.      Power over Ethernet (POE)

The Panasonic NT560 phone supports power over Ethernet (POE) feature in which if you don’t have the facility of an AC adapter, you can still use the Ethernet cable. It has 2 Ethernet ports each of 1 GB.

6.      Electronic Hook Switch

Panasonic NT560 comes with an integrated Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) port that allows the IP terminals to access the Plantronics range of handsets enabled with DECT.

7.      Free of paper label (Self- labelling)

There are eight flexible function keys in Panasonic NT560 that can be constantly displayed. A maximum of 24 numbers can be registered at a time. There is a screen to display the numbers. Hence, a paper label is not required.

8.      Bluetooth module

There is a built-in Bluetooth module in Panasonic NT560 that provides the users with a wireless headset support.