Panasonic NT551 Dubai


Panasonic NT551 Dubai- the Standard IP telephone

Panasonic NT551 Dubai telephone, another member of the Panasonic NT family, is available to you with the bunch of exciting features that you may require getting them well suited to your business demands and requirements. The standard IP telephone can provide you with a maximum level of performance through a gigabit connection. It shares similar features with the other telephones in the Panasonic NT series and promises you a professional performance that is of an exceptional level and by the requirements and demands of your business. The phone provides you with a simple and quick access to the exciting applications and features. Panasonic NT551 is designed in a smooth, elegant and modern manner that makes it quite well according to the décor of your office. It is available in both the colors, white as well as black.


Features of Panasonic NT551 Dubai phone

Panasonic NT 551 Dubai telephone is a Standard IP telephone that comes with a bunch of exciting and fascinating applications and built- in features that allow it an easy access to the users with a hands- on approach to the latest technology. Some of the salient features of this amazing telephone are mentioned below.

1.      High definition audio

Panasonic NT551 SIP telephone provides you with an audio quality that is best in class and allows you to get rid of the problems faced due to repeated conversations and misheard calls. Converged with extended audio chamber and enhanced cancelation of echo feature, the SIP telephone NT551 offers the users over headsets, speaker phones and handset with a supreme level of audio communication experience.

  1. A large and Clear LCD

There is a 1 line LCD of Panasonic NT551 with a backlit feature that has an intuitive user interface allowing it to access phonebooks and different features.

3.      Less power consumption

NT series by Panasonic are known for their quality of consuming less power as compared to the other telephone companies, and same is the feature of Panasonic NT551. It also has the advanced ECO standby mode to reduce the consumption of power to a further greater extent.

4.      Flexible CO Buttons

Panasonic NT551 has a total number of 8 flexible CO buttons.

5.      Ethernet ports and POE feature

Panasonic NT 551 Dubai phone supports POE feature which means it can use the Ethernet port as the power source in the absence of an AC adapter and for that purpose there are 2 gigabit Ethernet ports.

6.      Colors Available

The Panasonic NT 551 Standard IP telephone is available in two colors, black and white so that it may be in accordance to the office décor as it is built in high quality elegant and stylish design that is eye catching.