Panasonic UT136 Dubai


Comfortable Communication- Provided by Panasonic UT136

The most important thing that is to be checked out in any telephone is the quality of the audio it transmits. For that case, Panasonic developed the KX-UT series of SIP phones that had the enough features and applications to support the ever increasing communication requirements and transmit high definition audio such that it may seem that the person you are talking to is sitting right in front of you. In various business scenarios like a corporate office, a home office or any call center etc. meeting the customer satisfaction is a primary objective and for that purpose, the proper and highly effective audio channel in the heart of communication- telephone, must be the top priority.


Improvements in Panasonic UT136 SIP Phone

The Panasonic UT136 phone has been designed with the objective to provide the users with a high quality of voice. The entire KX- UT series has been designed to offer the customers with the following features

  • An easy initial setup
  • Low consumption of power
  • To meet the ever- increasing requirements and demands, the SIP phones have been designed to receive important improvements gradually.

Significance of Panasonic UT136 phone

Using a conventional and the traditional phone will be unable to output the voices with a high or low pitch because of their narrow band voice. But, the Panasonic KX- UT136 has been designed to support the following audio codecs.

  • 722
  • 711
  • 729a

Thus, it can cover a wide range of voices including both the high and low frequency bands which helps to enable a more comfortable conversation that is equipped with a greater quality of voice than the traditional or conventional phones.

Features of Panasonic UT136 telephone

The salient features of Panasonic UT136 telephone are enlisted below:

1.      White Backlight LCD

Panasonic UT136 comes with a 6 line LCD that is large and easily visible. To make the LCD more visible, a white backlight is there.

2.      A label sheet easily viewable

There is a wide area for the label sheet where the flexible button names etc. are displayed such that they are easily readable.

3.      Ergonomic buttons- easy to press

There are 24 flexible button keys in Panasonic UT136 so that the numbers may be registered. The shape of the buttons is carefully designed such that it suits the human fingers. The buttons can be easily pressed and have a concave center.

4.      A 30 / 40 degrees changeable stand

You can adjust the display angle according to your ease. The display angle can be fitted at either 45 or 30 degrees.

5.      Electronic Hook Switch

At the side of the main unit, there is an EHS jack and to use the wireless communication feature, you have to connect the electronic hook switch headset to that EHS jack.