Panasonic UT133 Dubai


Panasonic UT133 Dubai- Communication channel

The SIP phone UT133 has been developed to provide the users with a smooth and high-quality audio channel that receives and prompts clear audio. The most important thing in any telephone is obviously its audio quality that it receives and transfers further. While communicating with a telephone, you are conveying your intentions through your sound. Thus, get the Panasonic UT133 SIP phone to meet all the audio quality requirements.


Significance of Panasonic UT133 in businesses

While you are related to any business such as a small home office, front desks, call center or any corporate office, then you will surely need to communicate with the customers properly and perfectly, since it can adversely affect the business scenario if not communicated with the customers properly.

Features of Panasonic UT133

The salient features of Panasonic UT133 are explained below

Enhanced quality of communication

Panasonic UT133 provides you with an enhanced audio quality for communicating smoothly and properly. It has a wide band voice and supports following audio codecs

  • 722
  • 711
  • 729a

These audio codecs allow you to have a smooth communication and hear each other’s voices clearly and properly.

Combining a variety of devices

Panasonic UT133 can be converged with a variety of devices to operate properly and meet the increasing requirements and demands of customers. It supports Asterik, CommuniGate Pro, IP-PBX, and Broadsoft.

Friendly user interface

Panasonic UT133 comes with a user-friendly interface and is designed with buttons that are easy to press. The user-friendly button layout is based on ergonomics. The phone has an easily visible display with a 3- line LCD and everything that is required to ensure a user-friendly interface.

Less power consumption

Whether in regular usage or the standby mode, Panasonic UT133 consumes very less power that can be reduced even further by enabling the ECO mode.

24 function keys

To register the numbers, Panasonic UT133 comprises of 24 function keys that are flexible too. You can know whether someone is at their desk at a glance with the help of one touch presence function.

The Electronic Hook Switch

There is an EHS jack present on the side of the main unit. To pursue wireless communication, using Panasonic UT133 Dubai, you can simply connect the Electronic Hook Switch to the headset to EHS jack.

XML Customization Support

The Panasonic UT133 also offers you customizable SML support.

Power over the Ethernet cable

Through the Panasonic UT133, you can also enjoy the amazing feature of the power over Ethernet cable.

So, it is the time that you increase the scope of your IP Voice communications, and you can do it easily by going to an advanced communication channel phone that is surely the Panasonic UT133.