Panasonic UT123 Dubai


Panasonic UT123 Dubai- Comfortable Communication Channel

Following the trend of Panasonic KX- UT series, UT123 was the entry model that came into the market with the excellent features of KX- UT family.


Common features with the KX- UT family

The common features of the UT family from Panasonic include

  • A high-quality audio stream
  • Can be easily set up initially
  • Has a reduced level of power consumption
  • SIP phones follow different improvements to cater to the requirements of the user.
  • Supports the G.722, G.711 and G.729a audio codecs and hence can cover a wide range whether it be a high frequency or a low-frequency
  • In contrast to the conventional and traditional phones, the SIP Panasonic UT123 phone can promise you a greater audio quality.
  • There is a speaker box incorporated in each member of the UT family. For the low frequencies of approximately 300 Hz, the speakerphone provides an excellent quality of audio. It reduces the sound distortion because of the speaker and also reduces the echo so that the sound quality can be enhanced.
  • By using the ECO mode, you can reduce the power consumption of your Panasonic KX- UT123 while calling and even during the standby mode. This can assist in order to save energy at your office.

Features of Panasonic UT123 Dubai

The salient features of Panasonic UT123 Dubai telephone are mentioned below

1.      Retrieve the authentication of connection with Broadsoft and Asterick

To connect to a wide range of devices, Panasonic UT123 supports Broadsoft and Asterick. The devices that are to be connected to Panasonic UT123 are selected by keeping in view the requirements of the customer.

2.      High Definition voice quality (over headset as well as speakerphones)

Panasonic UT123 supports the G.722 audio codec that helps to produce an HD sound quality that makes you feel as if you are communicating with the receiver while he is in front of you face to face.

3.      Reduced level of Power consumption

When Panasonic UT123 is not in use for a long time, it is automatically switched to the power saving mode and no manual operation is required in doing so. This helps a lot in reducing the level of power consumption.

4.      XML customization Support

You can customize the information being displayed on the LCD screen. It also enables the device to be used as a terminal of information along with being used as a telephone.

5.      The PoE feature (Power over Ethernet)

In this case, if you have a power supply hub then you don’t need an AC Adapter as the Panasonic UT123 supports POE. It has 2 Ethernet ports.

6.      Backlit LCD

Panasonic UT123 contains a backlit LCD screen.

7.      Phonebook

There is space for 500 contacts in the phonebook of Panasonic UT123.