Panasonic 824 Pbx Dubai

Panasonic 824 PBX Dubai- The Advanced Hybrid System

Panasonic KX TES824 comes under the PABX category. Panasonic has always been leading the telephony market for the under 51 extension category. Panasonic offers you its PABX systems that are available to you in both, the digital as well as analogue modes. The PABX systems offer you conjunction of data and voice in the digital mode, and so does the Panasonic 824 PBX.


Panasonic 824 PBX Dubai

The PABX systems offer you conjunction of data and voice in the digital mode, and so does the Panasonic 824 PBX.

Advanced Hybrid System

The Panasonic KX TES824 is adapted to cater to all the business as well as personal communication requirements through the advanced hybrid-PBX system that does it in a cost effective manner.

Panasonic KX TES824 Structure

The Hybrid PBX system of Panasonic TES824 can be used straight out of the box because it has the integrated 3 outside (CO) lines along with 8 extensions. You can increase the capacity of lines and extensions up to 8 and 24 respectively by simply using the optional cards. To cater to the requirements and demands of a small business or a home office, Panasonic KX TES824 is an ideal and flexible system.

Features of Panasonic KX TES824

The modern Panasonic KX TES 824 provides you with an outstanding communication and telephony solutions for all of your small to medium sized businesses. Following are some of the salient features of Panasonic KX TES824.

  • The control unit of Panasonic KX TES824 offers you an initial capacity of eight extensions and three exchange lines but by simply adding some cards, the capacity can be enhanced to twenty-four extensions and eight exchange lines. The extensions may be Panasonic system phones, cordless phones or some standard telephones.
  • DISA / Message on busy
  • USB for PC programming
  • Extension CLI
  • System speed dials
  • Internal / external music on hold
  • Auto attendant
  • Paging
  • Personal speed numbers
  • Group working

3-step Automatic reception with Voice Guidance

This feature of Panasonic TES824 enables the outside callers to connect to any extension while there is no need to go through any operator. The operator can also record and automatic greeting message like “press 1 for PBX group, 2 for the sales department, 3 for Mark”. This is a 3- level automatic reception feature provided by Panasonic in this telephone system that eliminates the need for an operator.

BV- Built-in Voice Message

Without adding a separate voice mail system, you can enjoy the easily usable and efficient voice messaging with Panasonic TES824. There is an optional Voice message card that is required. It ensures you that you shall never miss an important message or call from any colleague or customer. In case you are unable to answer your phone, you can record your own greeting messages that shall be played via your mailbox. Your Callers can also record their messages straight to your personal mailbox.