Panasonic TDE200 Dubai


Business Phone System- Panasonic TDE200 Dubai

Panasonic has always been designing Business telephone systems that are efficient and able to cater to the requirements and demands of a variety of systems and applications. Panasonic TDE 200 Dubai is also a phone in that regard. The Panasonic TDE 200 Dubai is the best and highly recommended business telephone system for you that can handle your business requirements and demands and can also help in enhancing the level of customer satisfaction.


Advantages provided by Panasonic TDE200 Dubai

Panasonic TDE 200 Dubai provides you with networkable and flexible solutions for the ever-changing landscape of business. Following are some of the advantages brought to you by the business home system of Panasonic TDE200 Dubai.

  • Panasonic TDE200 Dubai offers you a highly efficient, intelligent and reliable IP-enabled communication solutions for the businesses regardless of their sizes.
  • The systems are scalable and modular in architecture.
  • Panasonic TDE200 Dubai is designed to cater to all your enterprise business communication demands and requirements.
  • Panasonic TDE200 Dubai supports the typical features of PBX and also the functionalities provided by the wide range of productivity applications.
  • The flexibility of Panasonic TDE 200 can easily support the ever changing staff sizes, a mobile workforce or multiple offices.
  • It provides the management of communications power to your business
  • You get built-in productivity software and voice messaging.
  • Supports a variety of endpoints that include IP, SIP, wireless, digital and analog.

Features of Panasonic TDE200

Panasonic TDE 200 provides you with a combined IP and PBX system that offers you 256 extensions and CO lines amounting to 128. So, the salient features of Panasonic TDE 200 are mentioned below.

  • The maximum number of CO lines provided by Panasonic TDE200 is 128
  • The maximum number of VOIP (H.323) trunks is 32
  • The maximum number of VOIP (SIP) trunks is 64
  • The amount of DSS (Direct Station Select) consoles is 8
  • It is compatible with the multi-cell wireless
  • The maximum number of extensions is 256
  • The maximum number of portable handsets is 128
  • It has a weight of 35.2
  • Height is 17.25 inches; width is 16.75 inches, and the length is 10.875 inches
  • The maximum amount of analog proprietary extensions is 64
  • The maximum amount of digital proprietary extensions is 256 of the DT300 and T7600 series.
  • The maximum SIP extensions are 128.
  • 128 single line telephones can be operated
  • 192 IP Proprietary Phone extensions are supported

In today’s era where the businesses are expanding exponentially, and the need for a proper and perfect communication channel is inevitable, Panasonic TDE 200 Dubai offers you the ultimate and perfect solution for all your telephony and communications and caters to all the communication demands and requirements.