Panasonic TDA600 Dubai


Panasonic TDA600- An intelligent business solution

Most of the businesses aim at the customer satisfaction factor. For that purpose, communicating with the customers is the key, and the heart of all communications is the telephone system. It is crucial, therefore, to solve all the communication problems and provide a reliable and quality digital communication source. For that purpose, Panasonic has always been leading the market by catering to all the requirements and demands of the businesses by its intelligent and reliable telephone systems. Following the trend, Panasonic introduces its exclusive intelligent business communication solution in the form of TDA600 telephone system.


The IP- enabled communication platform

Panasonic TDA600 is an IP- enabled business communications solution for you that is the convergence of traditional communication advantages and modern IP technology. This old-new combo offers you exciting features and a great flexibility to provide you with all the digital communication solutions that you may require.

Features of Panasonic TDA600 telephone system

Panasonic TDA600 provides you with several benefits that are as follows

  • Automatic Call Routing- calls are automatically distributed straight to their destinations.
  • Simplification in business communications
  • Cost cutting performance
  • Reliability
  • It has a capacity for up to 960 extensions that can be achieved via memory expansion card.
  • For a perfect customer service, Panasonic TDA600 comes with built-in call center solutions.
  • Your business can grow with this communications tool of Panasonic. The system supports IP trunks, IP-based CTI, IP phones and various applications of business communication.
  • Need to go away from your desk to talk to a customer? You can do so with TDA600 as it provides you with mobility solution. You can carry on your communication through a light and smart wireless DECT telephone. You can even integrate the mobile phones as office extensions.
  • The TDA600 supports the entire range of Analogue, Digital, DECT wireless and Advanced IP telephone terminals to cater to all the requirements of your business communication

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

The best of telephony and computers are brought together by the computer telephony integration (CTI) technology. This can enhance the power and productivity of your business. The Panasonic TDA600 supports this technology by two developed industry standards which are

  • Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA)
  • Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI)

Flexible Messaging

Your call handling flexibility is enhanced- thanks to the advanced voice messaging applications. By the effective routing of customer calls to their required department or staff, the voice guidance provides a user-friendly interface that streamlines and simplifies the business communications requirements.

Intelligent Message Handling

If you are not responding to your customer calls effectively and properly then it can adversely affect your business. Therefore, Panasonic has integrated TDA600 with multiple calls handling features such as

  • Voice messaging service
  • Holiday service
  • Automated Attendant Service
  • Fax detection / routing
  • And much more!