Panasonic TDE600 Dubai


Panasonic TDE600 Dubai- the hybrid IP- PBX

Now you can get rid of all the communication problems that you faced in the traditional telephone systems. Panasonic presents you the advanced hybrid IP- PBX digital business telephone system, Panasonic TDE600. The amazing telephone system has provided the businesses with greater mobility, a reliable and efficient telephony infrastructure and updated and modern network applications. All these features have provided the businesses with a greater and better support and have simplified all the communication channels and provided a solution to all the problems.


Advantages of Panasonic TDE 600 Dubai

To cope up with the IP networking environments, Panasonic TDE 600 business telephone system provides you with an advanced communications platform. The system supports the network along with the desktop SIP connectivity. It supports a wide range of advanced IP telephones, ISDN trunks and digital extensions because of the OneNet products by the combination KX- TDE. In the modern era of networking and advanced communications, the KX-TDE OneNet systems are able to cater to all your demands and requirements for company communication as they are built being the business application environment and have bundled noteworthy, advanced and up to date business telephony applications.

Structure of Panasonic TDE 600

Following salient points are mentioned below describing the structure of Panasonic TDE 600.

  • The IP- PBX telephone system of Panasonic TDE 600 contains a maximum of 1152 extensions and 640 CO lines.
  • The modular design of this amazing telephone system enables you to increase your system while your requirements are increased.
  • There can be up to 160 ports in the basic shelf which can be increased to 288 with the DXDP (Digital extra device port).
  • You can enhance your capabilities, access some new features as well as insert new expansion cards easily with the help of free slot architecture of Panasonic TDE600.
  • With your changing requirements, the free slot expandability feature allows you to enhance your system capabilities according to your requirement without the need to buy a new system.

Features of Panasonic TDE 600

The salient features of Panasonic TDE 600 are explained below:

  • The business telephone system has a hybrid control system that is a convergence of IP- PBX telephone system.
  • It can support any small to large communication system.
  • Internet telephony service providers provide built-in SIP telephony
  • There is an integrated support for standard SIP homes and advanced IP extensions
  • For the road warriors and remote workers, there are softphones and IP phones
  • Provides you with a network, desktop and business application integration
  • The wireless mobility solutions are helpful for the business productivity
  • Integrated Voicemail
  • It weighs under 35 pounds per shelf
  • Supports 64 Direct Station Select (DSS) Consoles.
  • It is compatible with the multi-cell wireless.