Dlink DPH 120SE IP Phone


D-Link DPH 120SE SIP Phone

Dlink’s new DPH-120SE takes entry-level IP phones to a level never achieved before. Making full use of high-quality materials and offers a smoother user experience Dlink DPH120SE is an ideal choice for extended network use. The DPH-120SE supports two IP accounts, simple, flexible and secure installation options, plus support for IPv6 and L2TP VPN/OpenVPN.




D-Link DPH 120SE in Detail

Dlink DPH120SE is a  reliable IP phone for small business users. It delivers a suite of powerful VoIP features in an easy-to-use fashion with a modern design.The full HD audio allow users to communicate with the
highest audio clarity.

The D-Link DPH 120SE F1 Broadband Internet IP Phone is available in Dubai and permits you to take benefits of your DSL modem connection to make low-cost Internet phone calls. It combines the business’s newest Voice over the IP network technology with progressive communication features, and is compatible with business wide phone services. This designed IP phone gives you the leads of VoIP, while recalling the same look and feel of a legacy desktop telephone.  The DPH 120SE F1 IP phone joins Quality of Service to confirm that voice received through the Internet is the same as or even exceeds that received on the normal phone. It supports many valuable functions such as call transfer, caller ID display, 3-way conference and speed dialing to make it Suitable to dial out or answer phone calls.

The DPH 120SE F1 comes with 2 Ethernet ports for network, one to connect to a DSL or cable modem, or to your broadband router. Once linked and logged onto the Internet, you are good to make and receive calls. In addition, this IP phone delivers another Ethernet port for connection to your PC, so you can talk on the IP telephone while browsing websites, send e-mail, transfer ­les and do other network tasks on your PC.

D-Link DPH-120SE F1 Features:

  • DPH-120SE: 2 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Ports (1 to PoE
  • LAN switch with 802.3af compliance, 1 to PC)
  • SIP RFC 3261 & the related RFC standard in Appendix A
  • SDP RFC 2327, RTP RFC 1889
  • IP assignment: Static IP, DHCP and PPPoE
  • STUN, static port mapping (for NAT traversal), SNTP
  • DNS & DNS SRV, TFTP/FTP/HTTP for Auto Provision
  • IP/TCP/UDP/ARP/ICMP, Silence Suppression
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (G.167)
  • Voice Active Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation
  • DTMF Transmitter (SIP info,Transparent, RFC 2833)
  • Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
  • 1 SIP user, Caller ID display
  • Call History: 100 Missed Calls, 100 Received Calls, 100 Dialed Calls
  • Phonebook (up to 500 contact names and phone numbers)
  • Supports XML Phonebook/Browser
  • Supports click to dial via web phonebook
  • Day/Time display, Call/Time display
  • 14 Selective Ring tones (9 tones & 5 melodies), 10 Speed dial number
  • Incoming call indicator, Password control for Configuration
  • Pre-dial before sending


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DPH-120SE Datasheet