Dlink DPH 400SE F4 IP Phone


Dlink DPH 400SE IP Phone

The D-Link DPH 400SE Internet IP Phone is good to take benefits of internet connection to make low-cost Internet phone calls. It contains the business’s latest VoIP technology with innovative communication features and is good for that business that needs communication in wide phone services. D-Link combines the abilities of an old desktop phone with all the advantages of VoIP technology to make a new designed phone perfect for the home or office.



Dlink DPH 400SE F4 IP Phone

The D-Link DPH 400SE F4 is an internet phone which is mainly made for general office users (from VSE, SOHO to SMB) in VoIP communication. The phone comes with a soft housing and some fittings, including handset, handset cord, keys, keypad and wall-mounting kit. A LCD on the board provides direct graphic interface with user. User can use keypad or Web browser to organize this phone. The DPH 400SE F4 includes QoS( quality of services) to certify that the voice received through the Internet is the similar as – or even betters – that received on an normal phone. It has some additional functions such as Voice Activity Detection, Silence Suppression, Packet Loss Concealment and other features increase the quality of voice communication, given that quality in sound and performance. These 400 Series D-Link phones can store up to 100 contacts and phone numbers in phonebook. It has long call logs which allows you to keep all calling record like for incoming and outgoing all calls record.

D-Link DPH 400SE F4 Features:

  • DPH-400S: 2 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Ports (1 to DSL/Cable modem, 1 to PC)
  • DPH-400SE: 2 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Ports (1 to PoE LAN switch with 802.3af compliance, 1 to PC)
  • Volume Control for Ringer, Handset and Speaker
  • Speakerphone, Mute, Headset, Redial, Hold, Call Transfer, Call Conference
  • Message Retrieval (MWI), Phonebook, Soft Keys, Multiple Like Keys
  • EDM extend module for speed dial abbreviated code, programmable features
  • Caller ID display (Incoming call & CWI)
  • Call log: 30 Missed Calls, 30 Answered Calls, 30 Dialed Calls
  • Phonebook (up to 100 contact names and phone numbers)
  • Day/Time display, Call timer display
  • 10 Selective Ring tones, 10 Speed dial numbers, Incoming call indicator
  • User/Admin Password control for Configuration

Product Downloads

DPH-400SE Datasheet