Polycom Skype Phones for Business Dubai

Polycom Skype phones for business Dubai offers 70% of all phones organized with Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync. That is why Ploycom made these skype phones for business to maximize the Microsoft enterprise voice environment. Arrangement is fast, combination is easy and interoperability is secure. Polycom provides the broadest set of voice solutions available for Microsoft today—so you get unmatched selection and performance for whatsoever your business required. These polycom Skype phones are available in Dubai and by selecting these phones you can enjoy the real taste of Skype and conference calling.

Why Polycom Skype for Business?

Below are the benefits and features that persuade you to buy the Skype phones for your business.

  • Unified Teamwork

These Polycom’s Skype provides HD audio and latest experience with the functionality and edges which is user-friendly and workers are well known about this.

  • More Choices

Customers are free to select from nearly 40 communication solutions which are well fit and interoperable within Microsoft atmospheres.

  • Unique Offerings

By selecting this Polycom Skype phones you able to increase your production and efficiency with different one-of-a-kind solutions exactly for Microsoft.

  • Flexibility

As this Skype for business phones are easy to use so customers can enjoy the benefit of USB-only plug-and-play features which made this phones favorite among any type of companies.

Polycom Skype Features/Active Technology for Business

Polycom Skype for business Dubai is a kind of advanced technology. These phones are full with all latest features which every user wants. Below are the some advanced features if Polycom Skype for business

  • Create immersive, attractive experiences with Polycom latest communication technologies.
  • IP conference phones with multi guiding microphones.
  • 360-degree cameras featuring active speaker tracking.
  • Installed audio features that support maximum microphones and multiple speakers.

Polycom Skype for Business Desktop Phones

Polycom High-quality audio voice like you are in the same room ― either you is using a receiver, handsfree speakerphone or plug in an earpiece. From the meeting room, to the desktop or anywhere in-between, Polycom voice solutions keep you joined and creative.

Features and Benefits

  • Broad interoperability, confirming easy integration with your communication systems―including Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync
  • Fabulous voice quality for clean and clear communication and understanding
  • User-friendly from the front desk to the management office, and everywhere in between

Polycom Skype for Business Conference Phones

HD audio conversations make conference creative. Polycom is the advanced audio conferencing solutions for industries. Polycom in UAE provide excellent voice quality, extensive microphone pickup, latest audio processing and all the functions and options that make conference calls in Microsoft Lync atmospheres seem as natural as being in the same room.

Features and Benefits

  • Confirm everybody can be obviously heard, allowing you to focus on the conference
  • Deliver 360-degree microphone pickup and other group voice abilities
  • Increase productivity with features optimized for Microsoft Lync

Polycom Office 365 and Skype for Business Online Solutions

Polycom has more features than any other seller when you choose your Skype conference phones.

When seeing desktop phones for your Microsoft cloud PBX deployment, Polycom mentions the “Skype for Business version” phones—they come plug and play with the smallest software release necessary to install them with Office 365 and are pre-configured for Skype for Business right out-of-the-box.  Polycom’s high-quality audio sounds feels you like in the same room—whether you are using a receiver, hands-free speakerphone or plug in an earpiece. Polycom voice solutions keep you joined and productive with O365 and Skype for Business Online.

Features and Benefits

  • Fabulous voice quality for clear communication and understanding
  • Ready to deploy with Microsoft Cloud PBX Services
  • User-friendly—from the front desk to the exclusive office and everywhere in between