Polycom CX300 Lync / Skype Phone


Polycom CX300 CX300 Lync / Skype Phone

The Polycom CX300 CX300 Lync / Skype Phone has a 2-line monochrome LCD, a handset keypad and wide-band high-quality audio. It seamlessly integrates with the look, sound, and feels of a conservative, enterprise-grade phone with plug-and-play and user-friendly interface.



The Polycom CX300  Microsoft Lync USB Phone reimagines the USB desktop phone by providing a 2-line monochrome LCD, a phone keypad and wide-band high-quality audio. The Polycom CX300 Phone seamlessly fit in with Microsoft® Lync® and combines the sound, look and feel of a conformist, enterprise-grade phone with plug-and-play and user-friendly interface.

The Polycom CX300 Lync / Skype Phone delivers clear, HD, wide-band audio which maximizes the correctness and productivity of real-time conversations whether in phone, HD speakerphone or receiver mode; The familiar dial keypad and LCD of a legacy phone that will allow you to simply use the phone from the start for instinctive plug-and-play features.

Superior Voice Quality

The CX300 Phone provides extraordinary HD audio quality for the final voice communications experience. With its smooth, high-quality receiver and its full duplex, hands-free speakerphone, the CX300 allows crystal-clear HD, natural discussions without echoes or feedback.

User-Friendly Interface and Easy to install

The Polycom CX300 Skype Phone connects and controls through a combined USB cable for easy installation and use. There are no additional cables to move and no drivers to install. Just connect the phone to any PC running Microsoft Lync and it will rapidly be ready to start insertion or receiving phone calls. It’s a good fit for the office, home office and especially for hoteling office schedules without assigned workspaces that is gaining popularity in today’s work atmosphere.

Polycom CX300 CX300 Lync / Skype Phone Features:

  • 4×3 Dialpad
  • Redial key
  • Flash Key
  • Delete Key
  • Mute/un-mute key
  • Speaker on/off key
  • Handset/headset key
  • Volume up/down key
  • Off hook indicator
  • Voice messaging indicator
  • Speakerphone indicator
  • Headset indicator
  • Call forwarding indicator
  • Multi-color LED presence indicator

Product Downloads

CX300 Datasheet