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Polycom Soundstation 2W Dubai

Polycom 2W soundstation Conference Phone

Polycom 2W Soundstation Conference Phone

The Polycom 2W Soundstation wireless conference phone extends mobile conferencing to just about any atmosphere by eliminating the necessity to attach via dedicated phone lines. Anyplace if high-quality voice conferencing is required then SoundStation 2W phone is best.  Sometimes, you need to bear a conference call in a room with no phones lines. So, Polycom gets you a conference phone without cords that gives you the choice to conference anywhere.

Polycom Voicestation 300 Dubai

Polycom 300 VoiceStation Conference Phone

Polycom VoiceStation 300 Conference Phone

The Polycom 300 VoiceStation is a small conference phone preferably fit for desktops, offices, and other small rooms. With a microphone range of up to 7 feet, the VoiceStation 300 is perfect for small conferences with 3 to 4 members. It is solid industrial design fits well on a desk, building it a great voice conference solution for offices. The VoiceStation 300 delivers Polycom’s fabulous voice quality at an reasonable price.

Polycom CX300 Dubai

Polycom CX300 Lync / Skype Phone

Polycom CX300 CX300 Lync / Skype Phone

The Polycom CX300 CX300 Lync / Skype Phone has a 2-line monochrome LCD, a handset keypad and wide-band high-quality audio. It seamlessly integrates with the look, sound, and feels of a conservative, enterprise-grade phone with plug-and-play and user-friendly interface.

Polycom CX3000 Dubai

Polycom CX3000 IP Conference Phone

Polycom CX3000 VoIP Conference Phone

The Polycom CX3000 IP conference phone provides excellent conference calls in Microsoft Lync situations. It features Polycom HD Voice technology for clear voice calls and native Lync integration for an improved user experience, easy setup and simple configuration. It has HD voice quality and large LCD to display.

Polycom CX500 Dubai

Polycom CX500 Lync / Skype Phone

Polycom CX500 Lync / Skype Phone 

The Polycom CX500 Lync/Skype Phone has built-in Microsoft Lync software. So, you can seamlessly install it within Lync surroundings. Its mess free design and big color LCD for viewing call and directory info make calling suitable for shared areas such as lobbies, break rooms and hallways.

Polycom CX600 Dubai

Polycom CX600 Lync / Skype for Business Phone

Polycom CX600 Lync / Skype for business Phone

The Polycom CX600 Lync / Skype for business Phone Phone provides all the features included in Microsoft Lync software. You will find it to be a cheap mainstream desktop phone that features Polycom high definition Voice technology for crystal-clear calls and strong interoperability with Lync. It maximizes efficiency for workers in offices and workspaces.

Polycom CX700 Dubai

Polycom CX700 IP Conference Phone

Polycom CX700 Skype /Lync Phone

The Polycom CX700 IP Skype /Lync Phone provides extraordinary HD audio quality that offers the final voice communications experience. With its shiny, high-quality telephone and its full duplex, hands free speakerphone, the CX700 Lync Phone allows crystal-clear, normal conversations without echoes or feedback.

Polycom Soundstation Duo Dubai

Polycom Duo Conference Phone

Polycom Duo SoundStation Conference Phone

The Polycom Duo dual-mode SoundStation analog/IP conference phone provides exceptional readying flexibility and best-in-class investment protection.  It is designed for little to midsize rooms, SoundStation Duo is straightforward to line up and use and, it delivers Polycom’s legendary audio performance. In VoIP environments, the SoundStation deo conference phone delivers the foremost sturdy, standards-based ability within the business. Polycom HD Voice technology, Full-duplex audio and the newest in echo cancellation and resistance to interference from mobile phones and alternative wireless devices. These options and additional facilitate the SoundStation pair conference phone deliver unmatched group-conferencing experiences while not distractions.

Polycom CX3000 MIC Dubai

Polycom Extension Mics for CX3000 and Duo

Polycom Extension Mics for CX3000 and Duo

The Polycom Extension Microphones are Likeminded with Polycom SoundStation Duo & CX3000 IP Conference Phone. It is featured with Sold as a pair, Sold separately, Not similar with other Polycom extended mics (wired differently), Polycom model 2200-15855-001 and 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

Polycom IP5000 Dubai AbuDhabi

Polycom IP 5000 Conference Phone

Polycom IP 5000 Conference Phone

The Polycom IP 5000 SoundStation provides Polycom high definition Voice quality, broad SIP interoperability and a current design all at affordable price.  Appreciate the same unusually clear Polycom Sound Station conference phone experience in a small device that is enhanced for exclusive offices and small meeting rooms. The Polycom IP 5000 SoundStation increases output and decreases listener exhaustion by revolving normal conference calls into crystal clear, communicating talks that sound an awesome quality.

Polycom IP6000 AbuDhabi Dubai

Polycom IP 6000 Conference Phone

Polycom IP 6000 VoIP Conference Phone

The Polycom IP 6000 SoundStation conference phone offers an advance SIP phone in affordable prices. It delivers high performance for small to medium sized conference rooms; The IP 6000 is full with advanced features, such as broad interoperability and extraordinary voice quality. The SoundStation IP 6000 features Polycom HD Voice technology, which increases output and decreases listener weakness by turning normal conference calls into clear voice, cooperative talks that sound as usual as being there.

Polycom IP6000 Mic DUBAI UAE - Polycom IP 6000 VTX1000 Ex Mics

Polycom IP 6000 VTX1000 Ex Mics

Polycom IP 6000 VTX1000 Ex Mics

The Polycom IP 6000 VTX1000 Ex is good if you want to increase room coverage up to 20 feet for larger conference rooms. Used with SoundStation VTX 1000 and IP6000 conference phone. Finance options area accessible – flip your cost into an expense with our Third-Party leasing choices and Net30 Terms.

Polycom IP7000 Dubai AbuDhabi

Polycom IP 7000 Conference Phone

Polycom IP 7000 VoIP Conference Phone

The Polycom IP 7000 SoundStation conference phone delivers outstanding performance and strong capabilities for organizations in operation on SIP-based VoIP platforms. It is Ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums and government offices, the SoundStation IP 7000 is that the most advanced and expandable conference phone ever developed. Connect 2 units or add optional growth microphones to extend area coverage and voice pickup. Connect the SoundStation IP 7000 to a Polycom HDX video conferencing system to form a whole, integrated voice and video conferencing solution.

Polycom IP7000 Microphon Dubai

Polycom IP 7000 Expansion Microphone

Polycom IP 7000 Expansion Microphone

The Polycom Extension Microphones for SoundStation IP 7000 Conference Telephones are great to increase the voice coverage. The Polycom extension microphones Provide better microphone coverage on longer conferencing tables and the Microphone pods extend 6 ft. from SoundStation IP 7000 unit.

Polycom Soundstation 2 Dubai

Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference Phone

Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference Phone

The Polycom SoundStation 2 is perfect for small and medium sized conference rooms up to 10 members. It provides excellent performance and voice quality, making your conference calls stronger, clear and more creative. The SoundStation 2 also delivers natural, instantaneous, 2-way discussion without the extract or drop-outs that are common in legacy headphones. Users can speak in a usual voice and be heard clearly up to 10 feet away.

Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable Dubai

Polycom SoundStation 2 Expandable Conference Phone

Polycom SoundStation 2 Expandable Conference Phone

The Polycom SoundStation 2 Expandable is the advanced conference phone, is redefining the standard for business quality voice conferencing. With industry-leading full duplex for natural voice, instantaneous 2-way conversation, the SoundStation2 EX will exceed your expectations in medium to small conference rooms.