Through various digital, IP and hybrid telephones, Panasonic has always been providing you with the advanced communications solutions that can resolve all your business communication issues and provide you with intelligent communication solutions. Panasonic has developed different telephone systems that are meant to cater the requirement of the enterprises of all sizes whether small, medium or large. Panasonic phones Dubai provide you with the unification of all communication systems achieved by the help of presence- enriched productivity applications meant to smoothly and properly process office communications. An important factor in the success of any business is responding to the calls of customers properly and courteously. To that, the requirement of a perfect communication channel is inevitable, and Panasonic phones provide you with that!

Panasonic phones Dubai features

To ensure a better living, the market leading Panasonic phones have always served their purpose in the way they were supposed to. The salient features of the phones by Panasonic are explained below that ensure the perfect communication solutions.

  • The digital telephones of Panasonic are elegant, efficient and have a user-friendly
  • Choice of IP, wireless, analogue or digital DECT terminals
  • Integrate flexible messaging options
  • Local and remote workers can have IP phones
  • You can get up from your seat and receive the call from a distance- thanks to the mobility solution provided by Panasonic
  • An application server that provides the users with desktop solutions
  • Integration of desktop and network applications
  • Intelligent message handling service prompts the users to a voicemail or any other automated message feature
  • Call routing feature directs the call to the concerned department or extension directly without the requirement of an operator.
  • Compatibility with CTI technology

Panasonic Phones Dubai- Appreciable Efficiency

Panasonic has always provided you with phones that have a user-friendly interface and equipped with the latest technology. The phones from Panasonic are adapted for the intelligent business communication solutions provided by excellent features and the combo of traditional telephone system benefits and modern communication features.