Panasonic DT Series Phones

Panasonic DT series phones are particularly designed to introduce a new dimension in audio calls. You can experience high-quality audio calls on every phone because of their powerful features and applications. The phones of Panasonic DT Series Dubai are sleek and stylish, and available in black and white colors. You can buy any color according to your office décor. The phone is packed with number features, and it is simple to use this phone. There is a large display with alphanumeric options, soft keys for easy programming and EHS port to provide wireless support to headsets. The phone has an easy to navigate key, and the simple user interface will enable you to access the phonebook and other features.


• Exceptional audio quality and proven reliability

• Intuitive, stylish, user-friendly design

• A range to cover the specific requirements of your business

• Choose from IP, digital or DECT terminals

• Cross-sector capability

Choosing the correct telephone terminal for your business is an important decision. Your terminals become an essential tool for improving the efficiency of your business and the quality of service you offer your customers. With a proven reputation for quality audio and intelligent design, Panasonic can help you choose telephone terminals that match your specific needs exactly, as we offer handsets that cover the full spectrum of business requirements.

KX-DT500 Series also offer outstanding voice quality on every phone, supporting by a host of valuable features and applications. Panasonic’s KX-DT500 Series of digital proprietary telephones represents a wide line-up of terminals built for every commercial setting.