Panasonic DT521 Dubai


Panasonic DT521 PBX Dubai

It is time to save your money and switch your office communication system to an advanced communication tool called Panasonic DT521 Dubai. It has standard digital proprietary features with 1 line backlit display, eight programmable keys, and advanced speakerphone. There is no need to worry about a disturbance in the calls because the Echo cancelation features will help you to reduce noise and disturbance.


Panasonic DT521 PBX Dubai

The phone is famous for its attractive design, pure performance, and ergonomic design. It is available in a black and white color to easily complement your office décor. You can store important numbers of your customers and clients in the phonebook.

Highlighted Features of Panasonic DT521 Dubai

This digital proprietary telephone has an ergonomic design and various advanced features. The followings are some highlighted features and functions of Panasonic DT521 Dubai:

  • Attractive design and eight freely programmable function keys
  • Available in black and white colors for your office décor
  • Advanced speakerphone, handset, and headset.
  • 1-line graphical LCD with backlighting
  • Latest software of Panasonic DT521 Dubai is compatible with your current network
  • Third party USB CTI application interface
  • Wall mounted features for easy handling

The Panasonic DT521 Dubai offers flexible calling and communication features. You can use this phone to set up a reliable communication system. If you are looking for a reliable system, then you should try this for your business organization. This phone can handle heavy call loads, and it will be a reliable phone for you.

Advanced Performance and Attractive Design

The DT521 is famous for its advanced performance and attractive design. You can line-up digital terminals with the help of its flexible design. It will take your communication system to the next level because of its supportive features and applications. It is good for an appealing and comfortable communication system. There is no need to worry about your important contact numbers because phonebook is available for easy storage.

Attractive LCD

The 1 line backlit LCD will help you to check different features and options on the phone. The intuitive and user-friendly features are easy for any user, and you can adjust Panasonic DT521 PBX Dubai as per your needs. The design and features of phones are highly appealing and comfortable. The call log to check incoming and outgoing calls is available. The phone system is based on the latest software and has Bluetooth compatibility.

There will be no interruption of the calls, and it may also reduce the chances of conflicts and other issues. The phone is easy to transport from one place to another. The DSS features and soft buttons will make it easy to program your phone. The Panasonic DT521 PBX Dubai is equally good for all business organizations. You can deal with any business communication problems with the use of this phone. The incredible features and HD quality sound will take your business to another level. If you are not happy with your business phone, try this option and get rid of all miscommunication problems.