Yeastar YE110 Digital Interface Card


Yeastar YE110 Digital Interface Card

The Yeastar YE110 is a good performance; cheap signal distance PCI 2.2 digital voice card providing compact and influential interface to asterisk that can support E1T1J1 and PRI line. The advanced design and full elements allows YE110 to create a unified consistent network for legacy phone system with the VOIP skills. By using Yeastar YE110 digital card, you can simply build up your personal high mass solutions. YE110 is 100% well-matched with TE110P. You can run the card by using Digium’s TE110P driver straight.


Yeastar YE110 Digital Interface Card

The Yeastar YE110 is a sole span Asterisk based E1 PCI 2.2 card. It delivers T1, E1 and interfaces, which are able to select on per port basis.  There are several applications of YE110. It is sole to the Windows based free IP PBX system, which is another to Asterisk PBX. Yeastar YE110 offers the Windows based API and SDK of YE110 numeral card for users to further grow applications. The YE110 has lots of features which urge to keep it such as Single digital interface port supports both voice and data, Low Profile digital card to fit within a 2U rack-mount case, technical support and services are available, 3 years warranty and many more.

Yeastar YE110 Features:

  • Legacy PBX/ IVR Services
  • SyncPPP (both Fixed and Dialup)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol Service
  • Cisco HDLC/ Multi-link PPP
  • Calling Card Platforms/ Callback
  • Service Frame Relay
  • CAS VoiceModes VoIP Gateways
  • Call Centers/ VoIP
  • Call Conference FeatureGroupD
  • FAX Server/ VoiceMail Services
  • E&M Wink
  • PRI/Switch
  • Compatibility-Network
  • YE110 T1/E1card
  • EuroISDN
  • 1 cable Network or CPE / AT&T4ESS

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