Yeastar TDM800 Analog Interface Card


Yeastar TDM800 Analog Interface Card

The Yeastar TDM800 is a PCI 2.2 obedient card that has multi features and it supports FXS and FXO place lines for linking analog phones and analog POTS lines over a PC, TDM800 supports a mixture of S2, O2 or SO modules for a total of 8 lines.


Yeastar TDM800 Analog Interface Card

The Yeastar TDM800 is a PCI 2.2 card that supports FXS and FXO situation lines for joining analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC.  It supports a mixture of S2, O2 or SO modules for a total of 8 pcs or wires. Using Yeastar TDM800 hardware, Open Font Asterisk PBX software and a usual PC, users can make a Small Office Home Office telephony setting that contains all the classy features of high performance PBX systems. TDM800 is extra especially card that is made to support Windows. The modules are similar to create several mixtures of interfaces. TDM800 is planned to completely support Zaptel matched hardware. You need only to add the consistent Driver Module on Asterisk Software and not required to change any code of Asterisk.

Yeastar TDM800 Features:

  • Much better than TDM400P in quality & stability, and save almost 50% money.
  • 100% compatible with Asterisk, and run as good as TDM400P.
  • Timely technical support and services are available, 3 years warranty.
  • Provide windows driver & SDK, protect user investment if changing OS platform in the future.
  • Specially provide SO Module – Unique PSTN Fallback Function. It means when Asterisk down, user call also use the PSTN line. Intuitive LED, Red light for FXO port and Green light for FXS port.
  • Already got CE/FCC/MIC certification. It is a mature product with stable performance.
  • Easy to install, no training required

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