Snom 821 IP Phone


Snom 821 IP Phone

The Snom 821 IP Phone is a conclusive step towards joining state-of-the-art technology with a new design. It is the start of a greater line of business VoIP phones. Its unexpected grace and performance combines both: advanced technology and all snom IP Phone features.


Snom 821 IP Phone

The Snom 821 IP Phone is the basic level model of a advanced generation of Snom VoIP business phones. The Snom 821 features G.722 wide codec support and a single KlarVoice phone which offers the user the best HD Voice quality. The Snom 821 features a large HDR TFT Color LCD on which the user can access a delightful icon based illustration of call list, phonebook directories and caller info through the combined XML browser.

The Snom 821 IP Phone supports Microsoft OCS with a simple software upload. The product is also certified to auto provision when linking to a Switchvox IP PBX. The Snom 821 is a excessive choice for remote customers as with all Snom IP Phones, the 821 comes prepared with Secure VPN, TLS, and SRTP. The Snom 821 is also a wise VoIP phone option for the office user that may change from counter to counter within the business it’s because Snom has USB ports which is easy to move.

Furthermore, the 821 offers all conveniences Snom users have come to imagine from our phones. It also contains the use of safe VPN as well as TLS and SRTP, making it nearly incredible to slave or misuse data.

Snom 821 IP Phone Features:

  • High-resolution TFT color display
  • Integrated 1 Gigabit switch
  • Large call indication LED
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • 37 keys, 9 LEDs
  • National language support
  • Local 5-way-conference
  • 4 freely programmable and
  • 16 customizable function keys
  • 12 virtual keys
  • SIP RFC 3261
  • WLAN ready through USB Type A
  • Excellent quality through wideband audio (snom klarVOICE)
  • Power over Ethernet or AC (power supply included)
  • Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS
  • XML mini browser

Product Downloads

Snom 821 Datasheet